Shout Out to the Brookline Women’s Circle

Last night, I was honored to spend a wonderful couple of hours with the Chabad of Brookline’s Women’s Circle.

We had a blast talking about saving money, tracking spending, budgeting and – of course – couponing! What a great group – thank you so much for all your great questions and enthusiasm.

As promised, I have put together a list of online resources to help you kick-start your money-saving journey.

  • We briefly talked about deal match-ups  – where frugal bloggers like me tell you what’s on sale and what coupons to use to save even more. I encourage you to follow my kosher match-ups for TargetCVS, Walgreens and Walmart.
  • I also suggest that you follow a local Boston deal blogger, who does the sale/coupon match-ups for all your local stores. My good friend Lynn from Maven of Savin‘ is a wonderful blogger, who does all the Boston store match-ups, including Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, Market Basket, and more. Keep in mind that since she’s not a Jewish/kosher blogger, you will need to scan past the deals that don’t apply to you. But I know you will find her blog a huge help – and save you a ton of time and money!
  • The KOAB Coupon Database is your go-to resource for finding coupons to match-up with all your local sales. Whether you are looking to save money on mayo or margarine, just plug in the key words, press enter and quickly locate all the relevant coupons.
  • If you are new to deal-shopping at the drug stores, we didn’t get to cover this in depth – but as I said, I get the majority of my toiletries for FREE or pennies on the dollar by shopping sales at CVS and Walgreens. To learn how you can do that, too, read my CVS Tutorial and Walgreens Tutorial.
  • For those interested in learning more about saving for annual expenses (like our family birthday gift fund or the computer replacement fund), you can read this tutorial I posted about our ING Sink Funds and here’s more information on Sink Funds in general.
  • You may also enjoy perusing the posts I’ve written on Budgeting Basics – I cover everything from how to use to how to get over that “psychological hump” that stands in our way to better budgeting.

If you have questions, comments or just want to chat, you can always reach me by email. And if you have any pictures from the event, I’d love for you to share them with me!

Thank you again, Brookline!

And a huge thank you to Rebbetzin Lerner for putting together such a wonderful event (and to our friends Skai and Sam for hosting us last night!)


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