Siblings Without Rivalry? Is It Possible?! (50% Off Audio Classes)

Life is funny sometimes.

We are having a MAJOR problem at our house with sibling rivalry between our two older boys (8 and 6). They fight all.the.time and nothing drives me battier than the sound of their arguments.

We’ve tried talking to them. Separating them. Letting them “work it out”. Forcing them to go outside. Sending one to his room. Sending the other to his room. Talking to them some more. Taking stuff away if they fight. Giving them stuff if they don’t fight.

None of it works.

So… now that I’ve just confessed my biggest parenting heartbreak, here’s the “Life is Funny” part.

The other day, I got an email from a woman named Adina, asking me if I’d share some information about these parenting classes that she teaches – she’s having a big 50% off sale right now.

Now, I must tell you that I get my share of emails like this. And most of the time, the “pitch” is really not a good fit for KOAB, so I’ll send a quick email saying thanks, but no thanks.

So what made me give this one a second look?

Honestly, I’m not sure. Sure, most of my readers are parents, too, but there was something intangible that made me write her back and ask for more information.

It turns out that Adina Soclof, MS. CCC-SLP, is a Parent Educator with the Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau and owner of Parenting Simply. Guess what one of her specialties is? Just guess…


Adina’s classes are taught using the philosophy of the popular book How to Talk So Kids Will Listen (& Listen So Kids Will Talk) – a philosophy that I really like and do my best to incorporate into my own mothering.

In honor of the 2nd anniversary of Parenting Simply, they are offering 50% off its most popular audio workshop How To Manage Sibling Rivalry Without Losing Your Mind. (Yes, please teach me!)

Gain the tools you need to become a calmer, more confident and effective parent through three classes in a downloadable audio version (mp3).

In the classes you will learn:

  • How to respond to the fighting so that it stops
  • The root cause of all the fighting and negativity
  • How to help them cooperate with each other instead of teasing
  • The best ways to teach your children to be kind to each other
  • How to appreciate each child’s unique strengths and personality
  • How to teach your children to appreciate themselves and their siblings
  • And, most important, how to teach your children to resolve their conflicts without needing and bothering YOU

Use the coupon code RESKIDS at check-out to save 50%, making your audio class only $28.50, regularly $57.

Sign me up! If Adina can help me reduce the fighting even a little bit, I’m guessing this will be the best money I spend all month.


  1. Adina is amazing and I have really enjoyed her classes! This is a great opportunity!

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