Sign Up for UPS My Choice (And what should I give my UPS guy for his holiday gift??)

Just a reminder that with all the online shopping deals these days, now is a great time to make sure you’re signed up for UPS My Choice.

Just click the banner above to sign up. I love getting an email or text that a package is on the way and will be delivered tomorrow. 🙂

You can also upgrade your service if you’ll be out of town and want to have your package rerouted. I haven’t done this – as we’re been just fine with the features of the free program.

On another note, I’ve switched to doing as much of my shopping online as possible. Everything from our Chanukah presents to my new computer monitor to toilet paper!

Given the number of deliveries our UPS guy makes to our house — and the way in which my over-protective dog barks like he’s going to do bodily harm to the poor guy — I definitely want to get him something nice for his “holiday gift”.

Nice, but… on a budget. Any suggestions?

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