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With Pesach coming, I am going to be doing a lot of online shopping. (The more deals I can score online, the fewer errands I have to schlep the kids on, the happier we will all be.)

Since I am already BFFs with my UPS guy, using UPS My Choice is a no-brainer for me.

This totally FREE service allows you to get delivery alerts the day before your package arrives, electronically authorize package drop-off, and reschedule or reroute to another location.

Rerouting is one of my favorite features. In fact, if you’re planning to do any Pesach travel, I think it just might save your hide. (Say that gift you planned to bring your in-laws didn’t arrive in time.. and you really CAN NOT show up empty-handed…)

Sign up for UPS My Choice HERE.

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  1. Before you sign up, scroll through the special offers on Swagbucks… I got 80 sb when I signed up for UPS My Choice!

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