Sign Up for UPS My Choice for FREE

Of all the free offers and services I’ve signed up for over the years, there is none that puts a bigger smile on my face than UPS My Choice.

UPS My Choice is a tracking system, which first and foremost tells you when your package will arrive – via email or text.

To sign up, simply click the banner at the top — if you’re reading this in Google Reader, you’ll need to click thru to the post to see it.

When you’re out of town, those alerts can give you enough warning to ask a neighbor or friend to retrieve your packages off the front porch. (Been there, done that.)

In addition, your FREE UPS My Choice Membership lets you have your packages delivered to the nearest UPS Store (or neighbor) for a small fee. I’ve never had to do this, but in a pinch, I can see it being very convenient.

If you, like me, do a good deal of online shopping, UPS My Choice is a must!



  1. I’ve been a happy customer for years, especially with all the online purchases.

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