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The other night my husband asked if I wanted to watch a documentary with him.

He queued up Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope. This hour-long documentary tells the story of Ilan Ramon, the Israeli astronaut who was killed in February 2003 along with six other astronauts when the Columbia Space Shuttle exploded upon re-entry.

The movie was simply incredible. It was so good that half-way through I asked my hubby to pause it while I googled to see where you can watch it — because I just knew I had to tell you guys about it.

Although we checked it out from the library, it turns out you can also watch the whole hour-long documentary for free at

Ilan Ramon was a true hero to the Jewish people for so many reasons.

Did you know that he piloted the Israeli mission that took out the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981? (I didn’t, until I watched this movie.)

Also, while I knew he had carried many historical Jewish artifacts with him aboard the Columbia, I had never heard the story of the miniature Torah he brought with him. The description of the Bar Mitzvah in Bergen-Belsen reduced me to gasping tears. (I told my husband, “Every Bar Mitzvah boy should have to watch this movie!”)

If you haven’t yet seen this documentary — and especially if you are not familiar with the story of Israel’s first astronaut — I highly, highly recommend finding 50 minutes to watch it.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! We feel a connection to Ilan Ramon, since the explosion occurred on the day my son was born in Yerushalayim. My husband watched the news on TV in the waiting room at Shaare Zedek, with the other waiting fathers. (However, he had to wait to tell me since that was the last thing I wanted to hear while in labor!)

    • Oh wow, Rivka! I got chills from that. I can still remember where I was sitting in my Jerusalem apartment when this happened.

      Did you know that Ramon’s oldest son was tragically killed in a training accident in the army? He was going to be a pilot in the IDF as well.

  2. Just watched it.. was so inspiring. I am all choked up. Thank u so much for sharing
    I learned alot

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