Starbucks | Buy One $5 Gift Card for a Friend, Get One Free $5 Gift Card

Tweet A Coffee

You can score buy one, get one free Starbucks Gift Cards right now. It’s a little tricky, though. You need a Twitter account, Starbucks Rewards account, and a Visa card.

Here’s what to do:

  • Go HERE and click on “get started”
  • Sign into your Starbucks Rewards account (this is the same account you have any registered gift cards in)
  • Sign into your Twitter account and allow the Starbucks app
  • Purchase your $5 gift card with a Visa card
  • Input the Twitter handle of your recipient (I received mine within 10 minutes or so)
  • Receive your free e-gift card within 24 hours

Thanks, Kansas City Mamas.


  1. I know this sounds great, but I would be careful about doing this, as it harvests quite a bit of personal info, as well as allowing Starbucks to post tweets for you. (see this link for more info:
    Granted Starbucks has most of that info already if you have a registered account and use their app, but the ability to post tweets on your account is troublesome to me.

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