Starbucks: Buy One Hot Drink, Get One Free (Thru 2/14)

Starbucks fans – heads up: Thru February 14th, Starbucks is offering three of their most popular seasonal drinks Buy One Get One FREE when you use this Starbucks coupon:

  • Vanilla Spice Latte
  • Caffe Mocha
  • Hot Chocolate

Coupon is valid when used after 2 p.m. thru 2/14/13.

Per Kosher Starbucks, all three of these are “recommended”, but obviously neither I nor Kosher Starbucks are your LOR.


  1. Shimmy Atlas says

    This is a much more accurate Starbucks list to follow by reputable experts in the kashrus industry: The website you posted is not accurate.

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