Starbucks Holiday Drinks ~ Buy One Get One FREE


Starbucks just announced that they are once again going to be offering Buy One, Get One Free Starbucks Holiday Drinks this year.

Get yours November 15-18, 2012 from  2 – 5 pm.

I wish my Chai Soy Latte was a “holiday drink”.



  1. The link to what’s Kosher is not working for me.

  2. Hi……just wanted to let you know, this link doesn’t work for the Kosher Starbucks items.

  3. This site looks pretty helpful–click on kashrus, and follow the links to specific products:

    • I don’t know that the person who writes on this website is reliable. On the other hand, I feel comfortable to rely on the opinion of the OU.

  4. The OU doesn’t certify anything at starbucks drinkwise past the pre-packaged coffee (unless things have drastically changed recently…). The CRC posted a Starbucks guide a while back and are pretty machmir due to the fact that the knives used to cut their non-kosher things are washed with all of the glassware in the same machines. You can take a look at it here.

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