Striped Texting Gloves – $5.99/Pair + Shipping

Jane Striped Texting Gloves

These are cute! And if you’re buying a couple pairs, the shipping costs really come down.

Jane (which is a fun and funky daily deal site) has these Striped Texting Gloves for just $5.99/pair. There are five different color combinations to choose from.

Shipping is $3.50 for the first pair, and $1.50 for reach additional pair.

Let’s do the math: Buy one pair and pay $9.49. Buy two pairs and pay $8.49/pair. Buy three pairs and pay $8.15 per pair. And so on…

Jane offerings tend to sell out early, so if you have a number of teenage girls on your shopping list, you may want to grab these sooner rather than later.

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