Sukkot Giveaway #2: Festive Table Setting (for 32) + Sukkah Decorations

I’m usually a “real” dishes person. Sure, sometimes laziness takes over and I want to use disposables, but the vast majority of Shabbatot are served on our real dishes.

But when it comes to Sukkot, all my real dishology flies out the window. I want take-and-toss and nothing else for our al fresco dining. Usually I just pick up a huge honking package at Costco and call it a day. Sometimes, though, I want to go a little upscale – and when that happens, I am usually aghast at the cost.

Enter Factory Direct Party. They have everything from plain old plastic plates to high end fancy ones, plus everything and anything else you could need for your chag: Foil pans, garbage bags, wine glasses, serving platters and bowls, decorations, and more.

Their factory-direct prices are extremely competitive – and in most cases, beat Costco. Plus, you get to pick your patterns and colors, and you can have it all delivered to your door – for FREE if you order over $50 and use the promo codeΒ KOAFS11.

But one lucky KOAB reader won’t need to buy anything for serving meals during Sukkot because he or she will win a complete two-meal setting for 16 (32 total) of high end disposable tableware and Sukkah decorations.

The winner will be able to customize a package of your choosing that includes:

  • Black fluted plates and bowls
  • Clear tumblers, wine cups, and pitcher
  • Clear Serve ware (tray and bowl)
  • Clear dessert miniatures with mini utensils
  • Floral patterned napkins with cream solid beverage napkins
  • Black Duet (black handle with silver top) cutlery
  • White lace table covers

You will even get an extensive selection of hanging fruit decorations with festooning and streamers.

Your package will be two-day shipped to your home, so you have it in plenty of time for Sukkot! This package is valued at over $125!

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?! To enter the Festive Table Setting giveaway, just complete the instructions on the Rafflecopter. The first entry is mandatory: Leave a comment on this post telling me whether you are a real dishes person or if you prefer disposables? (Feel free to differentiate between the rest of the year and Sukkot, like I do. ;-))

The rest of the entries are optional – but remember: The more ways you enter, the better your chances are of winning!

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  1. I always use china on Shabbos but I love using paper on sukkos! Clean up is so easy!

  2. We live in Manhattan in a large coop development where the management is kind enough to allow us the space for some very large community Succahs (between each 2 buildings.) My family has always used nice paper/plastic dishes but real flatware in the Succah. There were 1 or 2 elderly couples that brought down actual china but for most, the Succah experience involves major shlepping of stuff down the steps from whatever floor you live on so paper/plastic is the way to go. One interesting sidebar was the unofficial shopping bag competition between some families. Whoever brought their stuff down to the Succah in the most interesting bags/boxes won (in our own minds.) Cheap Chinese plastic plaid bags definitely lose!

  3. real – even in the Sukkah…. we aim to make it a more “high end” experience! (Yes, on a budget!)

    I’m hoping to make a chandelier out of plastic cups this year!

  4. Chavi Cohen says

    Definitely prefer real dishes for most of the year and my husband usually leans towards paper.

    But on Sukkos, my husband really enjoys real dishes and I love just using paper!

  5. I am a real dishes pers0n! The exception to that is a 3 day yom tov like this year! I also use disposable when I serve dairy meals on yom tov. I don’t have a dairy dishwasher so not only am I stuck doing the dishes (which are usually gunkier than meat meals) but there’s no “out of sight out of mind” of sticking it in the dishwasher πŸ™‚

  6. I prefer disposable; it leaves me more time to be with my family and guests.

  7. I use paper. I have back problems and can’t wash dishes πŸ™

  8. Jill Sanderson says

    I do at times feel wasteful using disposable. However, it makes my time with family,friends and our guests more pleasant and enjoyable! Can’t use our dishwasher (isn’t kosher) therefore, using “real” dishes is a hassle. (Can’t even hide the dirty ones in there lol)

  9. Charna Schubert says

    real dishes- except for succot- then paper every meal!

  10. Definitely use disposables more often than not —

  11. Disposables, can’t break the habit – loving too much clean-ups in a snap! If I ever get a dishwasher maybe that will change.

  12. I like a combo of real and plastic dishes.

  13. Real dishes

  14. I like real dishes all the time if we can pull it off. I’ve gotten out of the habit of using disposable for Pesach even.