Sukkot Giveaway #2: Festive Table Setting (for 32) + Sukkah Decorations

I’m usually a “real” dishes person. Sure, sometimes laziness takes over and I want to use disposables, but the vast majority of Shabbatot are served on our real dishes.

But when it comes to Sukkot, all my real dishology flies out the window. I want take-and-toss and nothing else for our al fresco dining. Usually I just pick up a huge honking package at Costco and call it a day. Sometimes, though, I want to go a little upscale – and when that happens, I am usually aghast at the cost.

Enter Factory Direct Party. They have everything from plain old plastic plates to high end fancy ones, plus everything and anything else you could need for your chag: Foil pans, garbage bags, wine glasses, serving platters and bowls, decorations, and more.

Their factory-direct prices are extremely competitive – and in most cases, beat Costco. Plus, you get to pick your patterns and colors, and you can have it all delivered to your door – for FREE if you order over $50 and use the promo code KOAFS11.

But one lucky KOAB reader won’t need to buy anything for serving meals during Sukkot because he or she will win a complete two-meal setting for 16 (32 total) of high end disposable tableware and Sukkah decorations.

The winner will be able to customize a package of your choosing that includes:

  • Black fluted plates and bowls
  • Clear tumblers, wine cups, and pitcher
  • Clear Serve ware (tray and bowl)
  • Clear dessert miniatures with mini utensils
  • Floral patterned napkins with cream solid beverage napkins
  • Black Duet (black handle with silver top) cutlery
  • White lace table covers

You will even get an extensive selection of hanging fruit decorations with festooning and streamers.

Your package will be two-day shipped to your home, so you have it in plenty of time for Sukkot! This package is valued at over $125!

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?! To enter the Festive Table Setting giveaway, just complete the instructions on the Rafflecopter. The first entry is mandatory: Leave a comment on this post telling me whether you are a real dishes person or if you prefer disposables? (Feel free to differentiate between the rest of the year and Sukkot, like I do. ;-))

The rest of the entries are optional – but remember: The more ways you enter, the better your chances are of winning!

(If you are reading this in your email or via Google Reader, you will need to click through to the blog to leave your entries.)


  1. Real dishes. They’re better for the environment and I only have to buy them once.

  2. Real, but we use disposable for break fast

  3. I like real dishes for Shabbat. As far as Sukkot, this will be the first one that we are hosting, since my in laws moved to town this past year, so I have yet to figure it out. I’m pretty sure we’ll go with disposable though.

  4. I use china dishes and am very appreciative for my dishwasher!

  5. Real dishes & I don’t even use my dishwasher! I must be nuts!

  6. Real dishes… But I am disappointed when they break.

  7. I like real dishes, unless I have to wash them. Then I’m for disposables!

  8. I follow you on facebook.

  9. I follow you on twitter. 🙂

  10. We use real dishes with just our immediate family. We have a rather large extended family so it is disposables for all of those gatherings!

  11. I like disposable for Sukkos so I can enjoy having lots of company without dreading doing dishes!

  12. For sukkot – disposable all the way!

  13. we hardly ever use our real dishes! we go thru tons and tons of plastic wear during the week and (gasp!) usually use nice paper plates for shabbos unless we have some fancy guests coming.

  14. Definitely real unless it’s a huge crowd and informal.

  15. There’s something special to me about having a table set with fine china and warm candles glowing. I rarely use disposable but would be happy to have the giveaway for tots not big enough to handle my Lenox 🙂

  16. I’m a real dishes girl most of the year, but most definitely a disposable fan on Sukkot. I keep a trash can right outside our sukkah, and clean-up is easy!

  17. During the year we use china for Shabbat. For Tishrei and Pessach we use disposables — so much company! I have a few patterns that are our standard Yomtov patterns, and they are dressy and festive. We even feel nostalgia for them!

  18. It totally depends on how crazy life is that week. I realized a long time ago that being stressed out about doing dishes or somehow not being good enough because I just couldn’t get it all done that week, was frankly, silly. So when things are crazy, it’s disposable all the way!!!! Makes for a calmer Mommy. However, I do like the real thing.

  19. I love using real dishes but sometimes I can get lazy or on a long yom tov I dont want to be stuck in the kitchen washing dishes so we use plastic

  20. I like a combination – I start off with real for my first set of guests, and then switch to paper/plastic for the rest of the holiday.

  21. Brooke Weiss says

    I use my grandmother’s china that I got a few years ago (she is still alive, but gave it to me early so she can enjoy seeing us use it) for Shabbas and some holidays like Pesach, but I usually use paper for Sukkot. I’d love to win this because it would be something a little more special than the Dixie plates we will use otherwise.

  22. Im a real dishes kind of gal.

  23. Lisa Brown says

    real dishes during the year except paper or plastic during sukkot if the guest list is greater than 6!

  24. Real dishes l’kivod Shabbes, but by shalous seudos I’m using paper. On Succos I use paper to avoid breakage.

  25. I am usually a real dishes person, but that limits me to one color scheme. So for yom tov, I splurge and get to be creative! I buy flowers to match or some other centerpeice and that makes YT different and easier!!

  26. I definitely prefer real dishes on shabbat and yomtov. Those days should be different from the rest of the week, it should be more special 🙂

  27. I prefer real dishes especially if someone else is going to wash them and not me…

  28. Sandi Jarrett says

    I prefer real dishes, but if it is late or I am tired I will revert to disposables.

  29. YaelAldrich says

    Shabbos disposable, weekdays real dishes.

  30. Real dishes when we have less than 8 guests, any more and its nice plastic.

  31. I’m a real dish person for the most part but my one exception is birthday parties where I don’t even attempt real dishes. That being said, I would LOVE this giveaway because it means that I would not be the one washing and dishes and that would be very very nice.

  32. Real, almost exclusively, except for sukkot, birthdays/big gatherings, and sometimes on yom tov when we have just “had it”!

  33. I love using my real dishes, but big crowds and hours of cooking call for disposables. (Even with real dishes, I often do dessert on paper.)

  34. I prefer dishes-cheaper! However, if I didn’t get the dishes washed, hurry to go somewhere ie I need the kitchen spiffed up quickly than paper is definately the answer. I always use paper on sukkot and I use paper in the summer when we BBQ and eat outside!

  35. I prefer real dishes to enhance the beauty of shabbos and yom tov. I b”h own a dish washer so I rinse the dishes, leave them in the sink, and load after shabbos. On occasion I serve the dessert course on fancy paper plates. Yes, I use disposables on sukkos and pesach, so this set would be perfect: disposable yet still honoring the shabbos queen and yom tov.

  36. I love using real dishes- only if I have a dishwasher! And enough settings for everyone.

  37. proudmommy0f4 says

    Real most of the time – we use disposables for casual parties and definitely in the succah

  38. I like to be a real dishes person. I think it is better for my budget and the environment. However, being a busy mom, it is a lot easier for me to use disposables during the week. On Shabbos I like to use real but like you, on Succos, I use disposable. I also use disposables if we are having a large amount of guests.

  39. I love disposable but I use real and wash to save money!

  40. I love my china and sterling flatware, and I have service for about 20, but sometimes I do use plastic, and succos is only plastic, after all who wants to crack a dish in the succa?

  41. Selena Treister says

    I am a real dishes person, even on Sukkot. The only time I prefer to use paper is if I have guests for Shabbos dinner and lunch. I use paper for the lunch, because cold water just doesn’t get dishes all the way clean.

  42. combo of paper and real during week, real Friday night, paper Shabbat day

  43. After all the dishes from Rosh Hashana, I never want to see another piece of china again.

    • I definitely use paper goods on Sukkot. I do a combo of real and paper during the week. I use real plates on Shabbat.

  44. i am disposable throw out
    my husband is dishes

  45. Well, I like real dishes …but there’s nothing like nice paper to help you get through a yom tov!

  46. disposables, disposables, disposables! (serving dishes are usually not though)

  47. Eve Ben-Horin says

    Generally I love using my real dishes because I love my china. But when having a milchag yom tov meal I am ALL for the disposable.

  48. Most of the year – real. Outside, lots of company – disposable.

  49. for shabbos, i like my china. but for sukkot….fancy paper goods for sure! my husband says he wishes instead of registering for china when we got married we had registered for a lifetime supply of chinet 🙂

  50. Always real on Shabbos. Mostly disposable on Sukkos.