Sunday Coupon Preview for January 8, 2012


I think this is a first.

There will be six inserts in Sunday’s paper. SIX!

I’m going to have to get some extra copies, that’s for sure.

There will be (2) Smart Source inserts, (1) General Mills insert, (1) Red Plum insert, (1) Walmart insert and (1) Target insert.

The Target and Walmart ones are likely regional, so you may – or may not – get those. Go check out the Sunday Coupon Preview for January 8th to find out exactly what coupons you can expect to receive.

Remember, the Sunday Coupon Preview is only a guide, as different parts of the country can get different coupons of varying values.

If you want to start building your stash of coupons, I strongly encourage you to get  a newspaper subscription. To find delivery newspaper delivery deals in your area, just plug in your zip code to the Discount Newspaper Finder. That’s where we got our deal of $1.75/week for a Wednesday – Sunday subscription.

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  1. Did you get a Wed-Sun subscription because you were interested in having the paper or that was the only way to subscribe to Sunday? Also, when you buy a paper on the stand, does it come with all the coupons?

    • Ayelet – I get Wed-Sun because it was the same price as Fri – Sun and our paper doesn’t have a Sun only subscription. When you buy it on the stand it *should* come with all the inserts. But I definitely recommend checking it, since sometimes people swipe them out (sad, but true).

  2. Thanks for the heads up!

    Your blog has been so inspiring, especially your Jewish Dave Ramsey Story! My husband and I are totally on board now!

    I was wondering if you have/might consider a “troubleshooting” post for couponing. Somehow, I’m just not getting the hang of it and I think maybe I’m missing something. Before I ditch the idea entirely, I’d love to hear what you have to say.


    • Thanks so much for your kind comments Kayla! I have written on that subject in the past, but your comment is a good reminder that I need to do a little refresher course. 🙂

  3. YaelAldrich says

    Is it just me? I went to the coupon site to check out what coupons were out there this week and just like almost every other time I think about buying a newspaper just for the coupons, I don’t because I don’t see enough coupon my family uses to justify the cost of buying a paper. Since I moved to MD though we’ve sporadically gotten a local paper delivered for free that has the coupon sheets in them…

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