Supply Chain Issues, Black Friday Shipping Times & Chanukah Shopping (Oh my!)

Disclosure Statement

After nearly two years of living thru a pandemic, this year’s Black Friday will, unfortunately, continue to be affected by Covid.

And no, I’m not talking about whether people will shop in-store or online.

I’m talking about supply chain issues!

Understanding the complicated machinations of the international supply chain is definitely above my pay grade (although I did listen to a helpful Daily podcast about it, if you’re interested), however as a blogger with over a decade of experience, I surely can identify an issue with shipping when I see it on the horizon!

I’m guessing a lot of you are seeing the same signs on that horizon, since the most common question in my inbox these days goes something like:

Hey Mara. I want to buy X for Chanukah. Should I wait until Black Friday (two days before the first night of Chanukah, by the way) or am I risking it with shipping delays that it won’t get to me in time?

For those of us who are Amazon Prime members, we would probably normally think: “Two days? No problem!”

But with the current unpredictability in shipping times, two days is definitely a risk.

There’s no right or wrong answer, and I suspect those who asked me are probably also wondering: If I buy now, will the price go much lower on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday)? Like, will I be kicking myself for buying it now when I could’ve saved more money by waiting?

Here’s the rather un-insightful truth: I don’t know for sure.

But I do know that you and I aren’t the only ones wondering about all this stuff. A number of stores are starting their Black Friday sales early to help stave off some of the lag time concerns —​ and our “coulda saved more” anxieties.

Walmart and Macy’s, for example, both kicked off their Black Friday sales today. (Walmart+ members can access the Pre-Sale today, and everyone else can access it at 7 pm EST. Macy’s Early Black Friday deals are live now thru the 7th.) And Amazon has a rolling selection of Early Black Friday deals as well.

Also, I hope by now you guys to know that I’m not the kind of blogger who just throws up anything on her site. If there are a dozen great deals in a day, then I post all twelve of them.

But if there are only one or two, then one or two posts are what you’ll see on KOAB.

So while it’s possible that the price on an item you really want might drop another few dollars by Cyber Monday, I can promise you that I am committed to continuing to always do my best to truly curate the deals I share here on KOAB — now and always.

As for whether to order not or wait for later, I’d recommend that perhaps it’s best to split the different: Grab a few deals now, while there’s still time for shipping to get potentially delayed (or for you to pivot and get something else). And then put aside a bit of your budget to grab the awesome sales from Black Friday & Cyber Monday — especially if you don’t have to have the items immediately.

I hope that helps!

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