*Surprise* Since I was one of the 1st round winners of the Jdeal blogger competition…

I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who voted – and tried to vote – in last week’s jdeal Battle of the Blogger competition. Although I came in second place to Susan from Frugalskate, I am sooooo grateful for your 93 votes… and — HOORAY! — excited that the top three vote-getters all won the chance to compete in the big “finals”.

That means me, Susan and Esti from Prime Time Parenting, will be facing off with six other bloggers (the winners of the competition this week and next) to become the Jdeal Ambassador for 2011. No more votes required this time – thank goodness! Instead, I will be asked to post here on the blog why I think KOAB should earn that title and the jdeal folks will choose their winner.

As you might know, the prize for being one of the three winners in the first round of the jdeal competition is $100 cash (hooyah!) and $100 in jdeal credits. Although most of the jdeal “deals” are currently based in the New York area, they do have a number of Internet deals — like a $100 kosher.com voucher for just $50 (those sold out lightening quick!) – and they are planning to expand westward in the coming months. Next up: Chicago!

As my way of saying THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! to my readers and voters, I am giving away my jdeal credit to four of you who voted for KOAB — i.e. $25 in credits to each winner. I copied and pasted the list of people who voted and put the numbers 1-93 in the generator over at random.org. The following four individuals were selected by random.org for the $25 voucher to jdeal!!!!!!!

Tzippy G. G.

Rivki S.

Shyk… Family

Rebecca G.

If your name was called ;-), please shoot me an email by Tuesday evening (kosheronabudget@gmail), so I can forward on your contact info to jdeal and they will send you your credits. Hip Hip Hooray! If I haven’t heard from you by Tuesday, I’ll pick another winner – k? So, please email me!

Congrats x4!

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