Jane’s Creamy Dill Gazpacho

Happy Friday, dear readers. It's been a big week for my little blog, and I really appreciate all of you who have visited, read, shared your comments and sent me emails. I'm having so much fun! This week's Kosher on a Budget recipe exchange is all … [Read more...]

KOAB Recipe Exchange, Week 2: Pareve Side Dishes Theme

I loved our little recipe exchange last week. We got three yummy recipes for fleischig main courses on Shabbat (or other days), so if you didn't already check them out, please take a look. Plus, comments are still open, so if you have a … [Read more...]

Kosher on a Budget Recipe Exchange – What do you think?

I love that two of my readers (Thanks, Dana & Amanda!) have already shared some of their favorite frugal kosher recipes for Shabbat, chag or just during the week. While I have a bookshelf full of cookbooks, 9 out of 10 things that I cook come … [Read more...]