Kansas City Readers: Shlomo Katz in Concert Tonight!

Calling all KC-readers! What are you doing tonight at 5 p.m.? I hope the answer is: Rocking out at the Shlomo Katz concert at Kehilath Israel! Congregation Kehilath Israel and my dear friends at the Kansas City Kollel are bringing Shlomo … [Read more...]

The Biggest Loser Workout Mix – FREE Download

I'm super excited about this freebie as I need some new running music! Right now you can download “The Biggest Loser Workout Mix” for free from WorkoutMusic.com when you enter the coupon code FREEBL4 at checkout. It will drop the price from … [Read more...]

Fun Monday Giveaway – Signed Maccabeats Out of the Box CDs (3 Winners)

Yesterday afternoon, my family and I had the great pleasure of attending the sold-out Maccabeats concert at the Kansas City JCC. Those guys are adorable! And so, so talented. We loved their show so much that we bought their new CD and then … [Read more...]

Free Workout Music from Shape

Looking for some new workout music? Go download the FREE October mix, courtesy of Shape Magazine. You can download it straight to your iTunes or save an mp3 version. I love these free mixes - they are perfect for the pace at which I … [Read more...]

FREE Workout Music Download from Shape

Right now you can download a FREE 6-Song Workout Mix from Shape. Songs should download directly into your iTunes library, or you can choose to download them as a zip file. You can also get $5 worth of FREE MP3s on Amazon from Scott … [Read more...]

Listen to Music for Free with Spotify

I've talked before about our love for Pandora, but now there's a new kid on the free music block (no, not that kind of New Kid): Spotify. I'm usually late to the new-and-cool party, so this may be old news to many of you. But when I saw a number of … [Read more...]

Download FREE A Cappela Jewish Music from Mostly Music

Mostly Music has some Omer-friendly music freebies for us this week. Little David by Gershon Veroba Aheim by Barry Weber Are there more that I missed? Let me know in the comments. … [Read more...]

Download Craig Taubman’s Passover CD for FREE

Right now you can download Craig Taubman's Passover Songs for Red Sea Pedestrians compilation album for FREE on Amazon. Note that while the price is FREE right now, Amazon can change it at anytime, so please confirm before downloading. Thanks, … [Read more...]

FREE Jewish Music Downloads

Head on over to Mostly Music to choose from over two dozen FREE Jewish music downloads. Thanks Rivka, for sharing on the KOAB Facebook wall. … [Read more...]

Download FREE Mama Doni Song ~ Rasta Pasta

Last week, at Kosherfest 2011, I got to meet the irrepressible Mama Doni. She is a song-writer, singer and story-teller, who creates a truly unique brand of Jewish kids' music. Aside from being beyond talented, Doni is just the sweetest person you … [Read more...]