Deals on Sukkah Decorations ~ From Lights & Decor to Table Settings & Outdoor Carpets

Sukkot is right around the corner! Whether you've had a decor theme planned since Pesach — or haven't given your sukkah two thoughts yet — I've found a number of beautiful and well-priced decor and lighting options. Take a look.... Sukkah … [Read more...]

IT’S A GIVEAWAY | Gorgeous 6-Foot Sukkah Banner from The Sukkah Project

I can’t believe that fall is here! While most of us are still working on our plans for Rosh Hashana, the folks at The Sukkah Project are already hard at work making and shipping out hundreds of orders for sukkah kits, bamboo schach mats, sukkah … [Read more...]

Building & Decorating Your Sukkah on a Budget

Photo Credit I have heard from a number of readers who are looking to build their first sukkah this year and can't afford to lay out several hundreds of dollars for a sukkah kit. Worry not! You can actually have just as nice of a sukkah (or nicer!) … [Read more...]

Virtual Sukkah Hop Tour, Part 3

This is the third and final part of the KOAB Virtual Sukkah Hop tour. I have so enjoyed getting to peek into some of the KOAB readers' sukkot - and I hope that you all have as well! Enjoy these last moments before we take down our sukkot and brace … [Read more...]

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Virtual Sukkah Hop!

Bruchim Ha'Baim! Welcome to the 2nd Annual Virtual Sukkah Hop on Kosher on a Budget. My family is still furiously working on our sukkah, but here's a picture of the construction process. My husband is hanging the walls, while my 6 year-old is … [Read more...]

Get Ready for the 2nd Annual Sukkah Hop!

Shavua Tov! I hope your Yom Kippur was exactly what you needed and wanted it to be. As my husband looks for the parts of our sukkah and I start working on our grocery lists, I wanted to let you in on a fun little party I'm going to be hosting … [Read more...]

Sukkot Giveaway #2: Festive Table Setting (for 32) + Sukkah Decorations

I'm usually a "real" dishes person. Sure, sometimes laziness takes over and I want to use disposables, but the vast majority of Shabbatot are served on our real dishes. But when it comes to Sukkot, all my real dishology flies out the window. I … [Read more...]

Sukkot Giveaway #1: Chag Sukkkot Sameach Sukkah Banner

This week, I am excited to be hosting three quick give-aways in honor of Sukkot. Each sweepstakes will close on Wednesday night, with the winners of all three being announced on Thursday morning. The Sukkah Project was so pleased with the KOAB … [Read more...]

Need a Sukkah? Get 5% Off at The Sukkah Project (Exclusive for KOAB Readers)

If you've been following the discussion about sukkot on the KOAB Facebook wall, you know that I've been working on getting you guys a special coupon code from The Sukkah Project. Well, I'm happy to be able to announce that, as of tonight, the … [Read more...]