Virtual Sukkah Hop Tour, Part 3

This is the third and final part of the KOAB Virtual Sukkah Hop tour. I have so enjoyed getting to peek into some of the KOAB readers’ sukkot – and I hope that you all have as well!

Enjoy these last moments before we take down our sukkot and brace for the winter.

This is Becky & Zev’s sukkah – love the couch! And all the Israel touches!

And here is Andrea’s sukkah. It looks a lot warmer there than in Kansas City! So nice to have the water in the background, too.

Here’s Chava’s spacious sukkah, and I love her Bruchim Ha’Ba’im banner!

And can you believe Malky’s amazingly artistic sukkah? These images are all hand-cut out of contact paper. I’m in awe!

Here’s Paula’s spacious sukkah – and her adorable girls lounging on some chaises!

This is Malya’s autum-themed sukkah. I love her pretty tablecloth underneath the candlesticks.

And here’s Tiffany’s sukkah – I can just tell they have a great time out there. I’m also a bit fan of the blue snowflake lights.

This is a neat mural project on Devo’s sukkah in Israel. I bet in a few years, the wall will be covered with handprints!

I adore this gorgeous gauzy sukkah from Stephanie. And the silhouette of the lulav bencher is pretty cool, too!

And finally, Chani shared this adorable video of her sukkah – love it!

I apologize if I missed sharing anyone’s sukkah – I hope I didn’t!

Chag Sameach to all my amazing readers. Dance, daven, eat and enjoy your families!



  1. Mara, toda for taking us on a sukkah tour! I’m inspired by others’ decorating ideas. And, what an honor to have our sukkah featured! Chag sameach!

  2. Thank you so much for including the picture of our Sukkah. This is the first year we were able to build one. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from this Virtual Hop for next year – I can’t wait!

  3. yes, very warm here in South Florida!! 🙂

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