{Expired} Target Black Friday | iPod Touch for $155 After Gift Card

Most of Target’s Black Friday Deals are live online now.

For those of you that have asked me about deals on the iPod Touch, I think this is the best deal we’ll see.

Get the Apple iPod Touch 16GB (4th Generation) with touch-screen, Wi-Fi for $195, with free shipping. Then get a $40 Target Gift Card with it – so you are effectively pay $155, which beats out Best Buy and Amazon.

Pay with your Red Card and save an additional 5% ($9.75).

{Because there was some confusion, I’m adding in a screen shot of your cart at checkout.}

Target will add in the value of the $40 gift card, then subtract it out (this is how their computers work – it’s the same way in stores). So you will pay $195 (or $185.25 with a Red Card), and get both the iPod Touch AND the $40 gift card – which makes it LIKE paying $155 after gift card.

Thanks, Kansas City Mamas.


  1. It looks like its adding the price of the gift card and then using that to get you to the price of 195 at checkout. Do you know that i will for sure get the ipod itself for 195 and additionally get a $40 gift card?

    • No – the ipod is $195. The gift card is “added” to your cart, but the price on it is $0.

      So yes – you get it for $195 and they send you a $40 gift card! 🙂


      • Mara, thats not I am seeing when I add it to the cart. It shows the price of $235, then the gift card of $40 and the final price of $195?

        • Julia – Sorry, I don’t know why all of a sudden Word Press is requiring comment moderation on people who have commented before.

          The value of the gift card gets added, then subtracted – this is how Target’s computers work. It’s the same way when you get a $5 gift card in store for buying ice cream (or whatever).

          You will pay $195. And with your order will be a $40 gift card.

          So after the value of the gift card, it’s LIKE you pay $155.

          I’ll put a screen shot in the post in a minute.

  2. Ahh got it! Wasn’t clear from the purchase that they will SEND you the gift card. I thought they used that gift card in the purchase to get to the selling price of $195. Thank you, ordering now!!

  3. ….and it’s no longer available online…. 🙁

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