The 72 Hour Challenge: 400 KOABers = 1 iPad for … Me!

I hope you’ll indulge me for a moment of self-promotion.

NoMoreRack is a flash deal site that sells a whole range of products – from high tech to high fashion. They have several offerings each day – and usually by 1 p.m., the hottest stuff is already gone.

I also love that NoMoreRack has $2 flat rate shipping – not quite free, but definitely doesn’t hurt. Too bad.

For the next 72 hours (thru noon on 12/18/11), NoMoreRack is running a registration promotion. Get as many people signed up as you can under your name and win all sorts of cool Apple prizes:

Register 35 friends – get an iPod shuffle

Register 65 friends – get an Apple TV

Register 100 friends – get an iPod Nano

Register 170 friends – get an iPod Touch 8 GB

Register 400 friends – get an iPad2

You see where I’m going with this 400 thing?!

Yes, I know that Shabbat falls in the middle of this whole 72 hours – which really means I have less than 48 hours. And 400?! Come on, right? But a girl can dream…

All you have to do is register for NoMoreRack by clicking this special link. No purchase required. No credit card information taken. Just name, email, the basics.

Then you can turn around and refer all your friends to NoMoreRack using your referral link – which you get after you register.

(If you are already a member of NoMoreRack, you aren’t eligible to sign up again – but you can refer your friends with your link!)

Can you help a blogger out? Thanks, friends!


  1. Did it! good luck, Mara!

  2. i went through your link but it didn’t ask me to refer friends or anything i don’t think that link connects. sorry!!!

  3. i’m already a member… sorry!


  4. Did it. Good luck!

  5. Did it. Hope you win!!

  6. yes i did it didnt ask me to refer but i think it worked
    good luck i hope you win!!!

  7. Did it. Good luck – let us know how you did! I will be so excited if you win the iPad–I am not a technophile at all, but I think that tablets are the coolest thing ever.

  8. Isadora Yazdi says

    So sorry I am already a member ๐Ÿ™ Good Luck, I really hope you win, you deserve it!

  9. Good luck! I’m already a member or I definitely would have helped you out ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I did it! It didn’t say who referred me so I hope it worked!

  11. Just registered. I hope you get enough referrals!

  12. Good luck! Love your blog and clicking a few times to help you get an awesome iPad 2 is no big deal for me!

  13. Done. Good Luck!!

  14. did it…

  15. I signed up. Good luck!

  16. etti mermelstein says

    Done….hope you make it!

  17. Done! hope you get to 400!!!

  18. done. you save all of us some money and now you get an ipad! hopefully…..

  19. mara, i did it for u! thanks for a get blog

  20. I signed up! Invited my FB friends to join as well. Hopefully you’ll win the 2!
    Love, KCSafta

  21. just signed up. Hope you get it!

  22. I did it and it said they would send a confirmation email but I still haven’t received it. I love your blog. Thanks for all you do! Happy Chanukah.

  23. so glad to help you out to thank you for all your great tips and suggestions. shavua tov.

  24. Done… Where are you up to?

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