The 8 Winners of the Facebook Friends Contest

I’m a sucker.

I told you all that I would give a $5 Amazon gift card to the three people who had the most friends who liked KOAB on Facebook.

And I was going to do that. I was.

But I couldn’t just pick the top three – because two of them are personal friends of mine from Kansas City, so we’re piggy-backing the same people.

On the other hand, I couldn’t NOT pick them, because they followed the rules and it’s not their fault they’re my friends. 😉

So then I decided that I’m going to send a $5 gift card to everyone with over 40 friends who like KOAB. There were EIGHT of you.

The 8 winners are:

Tziporah Quinn Mazer

Aviva Muller Zahtz

Caroline Musin Berkowitz

Rivka Howley

Chavi Swidler Eisenberg

Dara Granoff

Lesley Weiss Zwick

Miriam Leah Schwartz

Thank you ALL for supporting Kosher on a Budget and for spreading the word to your friends. KOAB wouldn’t exist with you guys – thank you!

If the eight winners could please shoot me an email at kosheronabudget @ gmail . com with the email address associated with your Amazon account, I’ll send you out your $5 gift card. Please email me no later than Friday morning, otherwise, I’ll be off line ’til Sunday night.


  1. yay!

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