The grand total from my Whole Foods trip was…

On Monday, I asked you all to take a guess at how much I spent at Whole Foods recently. The retail value on the 12 items I purchased was just over $33.

My total out of pocket, before taxes, was $1.21!

Congrats to Caroline S, who I think came the closest with her guess of $1.56. Send me an email, Caroline, and I will mail you a coupon for one free Earth Balance product!

I want to reiterate that while I find it fun to play this little “game” with y’all, I am so not doing it to brag (hopefully you realize that, though!). I am doing it to show you that you, too, can shop at seemingly “overpriced” stores like Whole Foods and save 30%, 50%, even 90% on your groceries.

Now, this trip was a straight-up coupon run. I didn’t buy anything that didn’t have a coupon – or two – for. And in fact, everything but the soy products were completely free. Plus, I got “overage” on a number of products, when the value of my coupons was greater than the value of the item. (Note that not all cashiers will ring it up this way; many will adjust the value of your coupons “down” to equal the value of the items purchased. It’s one of those YMMV situations at Whole Foods.)

Want to learn more about saving big bucks at Whole Foods? Check out my post from earlier this week with 6 Ways to Save at Whole Foods.

Oh, and a commenter asked how I got those awesome Earth’s Balance coupons. I just wrote and asked! If there are products you love – like I looooove those Buttery Sticks — write to the company and let them know. Also let them know you are looking for a coupon source – in my experience, 9 out of 10 companies will be happy to send you a high value coupon (or ten).  Here are a few more tips on how to get coupons straight from the source.

So, now it’s your turn to wow us with your low, low totals. How’d you do this week at the stores?


  1. that’s awesome! My last trip to WFs wasn’t so great b/c my cashier looked at me like I had two heads when I asked about stacking my coupons, wouldn’t do anything re: overage and was overall less than kind. I think, though, that our WFs must have a thing about not allowing coupon stacking b/c this wasn’t the first time. ;-(

    • it’s probably a good thing that its a half hour drive away so I don’t go too often!

      • Yeah, unfortunately with all things coupons – and especially WF – it can really be a “your mileage may vary” situation. Our store used to not stack coupons, and then they started to – hooray! Plus, this is the first time that I noticed getting overage, so that made it an especially fun trip 🙂 Hopefully you’ll have better luck the next time you schlep there.

  2. I knew I would be jealous! WAY TO GO!! good for u!


    • I remember reading coupon blogs when we were still in Israel and being jealous, too! At least you have the shuk 😉

  3. Jennifer H. says

    You rock! I’m still working on getting my Whole Foods to stack coupons. Thanks for all of the suggestions as I am now armed to approach customer service to make it a reality. 🙂

  4. That’s great! The last time I went they won’t do overage but I went back last night and they did. I think it might depend on the cashier. so excited for you!

    • I think you’re right that it depends. With this trip, everytime the coupon beeped, the cashier just keyed it in. Very happy when I realized that 🙂

  5. I didn’t realize that they give you overages. That’s awesome! I guess I’ll have to add them to my stores to consider. I only go in there to get their coupon booklet that I can use at Publix. LOL.

    • I think you will like it. I love showing people that “even” at WF, you can save a ton. And since we don’t have stores that double in KC – other than one, and only up to $.50, it’s all the more valuable!

  6. This is amazing!!! I love WF too – it has become such a gourmet place…so much fun to walk around…and I loooooove those buttery sticks too – and I’m totally psyched about asking the company for coupons!! I did that once with another company and they sent me coupons for free products, so why not keep doing it!!?!?!?! Thanks for all this information!

    • My pleasure – I’m glad to have another couponer shopping at WF. The more of us that there are, the more likely they are to have some nationwide policies, I believe!

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