Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Milk & Other Coconut Products – Kosher for Passover without Special P Hechsher!

Update 3/6/18

Wow! KosherCheck (formerly BCK) is my favorite kashering organization EVER! They are incredibly responsive and kind. I reached out to them after this post went viral and got verbal confirmation that this product IS permitted without a P. I then asked if it was possible to get that in writing – because so many of you have asked for confirmation. Ask and ye shall receive! 

(Link Updated 3/6/18)

Further to many phone calls we have received from the Jewish Community. This is confirm that the following Kosher Check certified products, sold under the Trader Joes label bearing the BCK Symbol (our former Kosher Symbol, still in use by some companies) are acceptable for use on Pesach if purchased prior to the holiday.

Unsweetened Coconut Chips
Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
Coconut Flour
Triple Filtered Coconut Oil
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Reduced Fat Coconut Milk
Regular Coconut Milk
Coconut Cream – All Strengths

Well, this is very exciting news!

Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Milk (canned) and Reduced Fat Organic Coconut Milk (canned) are both kosher for Passover when bearing the Kosher Check hechsher. They do not require a special P hechsher.

I popped into my Trader Joe’s this evening for a quick price check – and found that it’s just $1.69 per can. What a bargain!!!

I’d love to know what your favorite recipes are for coconut milk. I use it to make creamy soups and Indian-flavored stews all the time. And the cream part that sets up at the top of the can is supposed to be great for whipping.

While you’re at Trader Joe’s getting your coconut milk, you may also want to pick up some of these other Kosher for Passover TJs products. This link is to the 2017 list, which I am in the process of updating for 2018. (It takes a little longer when I’m in Israel and can’t just run over to TJs for a quick price check 😉 )

P.S. For those who have asked, I’m also working on the official word from the OU et al on coconut oil this year.


  1. Debbie Lurie says

    Very cool! Is it only the reduced fat as pictured?

  2. I looked in the OU Passover Guide and did not find this. I sent an email to the OU to verify.
    What is Kosher Check?

  3. thank you for the info & the link (my mistake–I thought TJs coconut milk was under OU). But, I did not see the coconut milk listed as being K for P without P designation. Do you have the info directly from KosherCheck? Can you post it please? No that I don’t trust Nava, it’s just that I like to verify.

    • Debbie Lurie says

      I just got off the phone with Richard Wood of Kosher Check in Canada. He suggested I post his phone number: 604-716-2770. All coconut milk, coconut butter and coconut oil products at Trader Joe’s with the Kosher Check symbol, BcK, are kosher for Pesach without additional certification. Definitely call if you want to double check and confirm.

      From the Kosher Check website: “Kosher Check is a non-profit global kosher certification agency headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With Regional offices located throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. We currently serve hundreds of food manufacturers throughout Canada, the US, the Pacific Rim, and the Far East, through our extensive network of regional rabbinic representatives around the globe. For over 30 years, Kosher Check (formerly known as BC Kosher) has been widely recognized as an accepted Orthodox kosher certification agency. Under the leadership of the British Columbia Beth Din, directed by Rabbi Avraham Feigelstock, Kosher Check provides certification for industry leaders including Kerry Foods, Bakemark Canada (CSM), Golden Boy Foods, Garden Protein and Canadian Fishing Company. In Asia, some of our industry leading clients include Layn Natural Ingredients, Kemin Bioscience and Profood International.”

  4. Chocolate mousse! Put can in fridge overnight. Open can and take out solid part only. Melt in pot with chocolate chips. Put in bowl or individual cups. Pave in fridge until firm. So excited to make this on Pesach! Thanks for the info.

    • Yes!
      I do the same thing, however I first chill the coconut milk in the can overnight and then whip it with a Kitchen Aid the next day. Melt one cup of chocolate chips. Add the whipped coconut milk into the melted chocolate chips — and you have delicious chocolate mousse!

    • Wow, this sounds awesome! I have a pretty restricted diet for health reasons, but this sounds like the perfect craving crusher.

  5. Marci Rogozen says

    Just came back from our Trader Joes’. It’s a bit farther than I usually drive for shopping, but always has good stuff. They were all out of the coconut Milk, so I got coconut cream. Same ingredients, same heksher. Based on the above comments, that makes it ok, as I understand. Wish I had known about the coconut butter! I’ll just make my own. I’m wondering if the Spectrum coconut oil is still good this year… I’ll call the OU if no one has yet.

  6. Marci Rogozen says

    Just called OU. Spectrum Coconut Oil is fine for Passover without the P.

  7. This was great news, and I used coconut milk for our Seder tonight! Coconut milk is great for marinating chicken in, it helps keep the meat really moist. I covered a whole Kosher chicken in Indian spices (British curry powder, turmeric, etc), put the chicken in a bag, covered it the coconut milk, and vacuum sealed it to marinate for 24 hours. Then I roasted it for our Seder tonight. It was amazing paired with a roasted garlic and beet puree. (For clarification, I do not keep a kosher household, but do my best to honor holiday traditions…with a little twist, clearly.)

  8. Hi Mara,

    Any word on whether the Trader Joes’s Coconut Milk can be used for Pesach this year too?


    • naami eisenberg says

      I was wondering the same. I’ll call the number above.

    • Mara, I am viewing this on mobile so I can’t tell what’s updated and what isn’t. Today, in 2021 is the Trader Joe’s cocunut cream kosher for pesach and if so, who has given the go ahead on it (and does it need some specific label)..
      Thanks so much!

  9. naami eisenberg says

    Just spoke with him it is good for pesach!!!

  10. Mara, I am viewing this on mobile so I can’t tell what’s updated and what isn’t. Today, in 2021 is the Trader Joe’s cocunut cream kosher for pesach and if so, who has given the go ahead on it (and does it need some specific label)..
    Thanks so much!

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