$20 Off the Better Budget Guide & Workbook (Just $20)

It’s almost Black Friday, and whoa, the sales have been HOPPING.

KOAB is practically buried in deals — but this one is different.  

This deal is your chance to save money not just on one product, for one day, but every.single.day for the rest of your life.

Let’s talk turkey. 🦃 (I know! I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist!)

Is money a source of stress in your life? 

Have you tried to create a budget, but… found it so frustrating that you gave up?

Are you thinking about some of those sweet Black Friday deals — but also a little bit worried about your credit card balance?

I’ve been there. My husband and I struggled with money for years — and found ourselves buried under $30,000 of consumer debt.

Then twelve years ago, we finally faced our money dragon.

In just over two years, we ditched all of our debt and saved up a $20,00 emergency fund — and we did it on a $60,000 combined yearly income.

The Better Budget Guide eBook & eWorkbook lays out exactly how we did it, step by step.  

If you want to get rid of debt, build up an emergency fund, and save for the future — on any income — this is the roadmap that will work for you.

To celebrate Black Friday, I am offering a whopping 50% discount on The Better Budget Guide eBook & eWorkbook when you use the coupon code HALFOFF at checkout.

Regularly $39.99 for the set, you’ll pay just $20 after the coupon code.

(Note: If you’re purchasing from your phone, the coupon code will be entered on the second page. From your computer, enter the coupon code on the right side of the page.)

Inside The Better Budget Guide eBook & eWorkbook, you’ll get an actionable plan for:

  • Getting out of debt (if you have any)
  • Getting current on your day-to-day bills
  • Setting up sink funds, so you never get surprised by a bill again
  • Getting clarity on your true priorities and learning how to say “NO” now, so you can say “YES!” later
  • Communicating better with your spouse and children about money
  • Handling emergencies and unexpected expenses
  • Saving for the future (even when it seems that there’s nothing left to save)

Even if you make “good money,” it is all too easy to find yourself stressed about your finances.

Especially with the sometimes crushing costs of tuition, shul dues, mortgage and property taxes, car leases, kosher food, and more.

I know you may feel stuck, but I promise you – there is a way out.

And I’m going to walk with you on that path in my Better Budget Guide eBook & eWorkbook Set.

Remember to use the coupon code HALFOFF through Cyber Monday (December 2nd at midnight) to purchase the Better Budget Guide eBook & eWorkbook and learn how to be in charge of your finances forever.

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