My Unsolicited Review of Luvs Diapers

luvs-ultraleak-guardLet’s talk diapers, my friends! If you’ve got little ones in disposables, you know that running through those packs can create a serious dent in your budget.

Most of my disposable stash is Huggies, since I’m not a fan of the baby powder smell of Pampers. Plus, whatever Pampers uses in its “absorbent core” feels a little too crunchy to me (anyone else?). Anyway, my preference is for Huggies, but I hadn’t found a $.10/diaper deal — my “buy now price” — in over a month and our stash of Size 3′s was running a little low.

When I saw recently that I could get Luvs for around $.09 each on Amazon I decided to go for it – despite the fact that I’d never used Luvs before and was a bit wary of buying 204 of them. Obviously the frugal side of me won out!

So far, I’m loving them! They have a similar fit and profile to Pampers. Out of the package, they are super trim, but when I put them on my daughter, they fit just as well – if not better – than my preferred Huggies. The stretchy tabs on the sides really help to get a great fit.

The outer material is not at all slick, which some reviewers had complained about on Amazon. And I love that there is neither the “crunchy” feel that Pampers have, nor the overwhelmingly baby powder smell.

With their cheaper price point plus all the great “features”, I think I’ve become a Luvs convert.


Okay, moms and dads of (disposable) diapered kids, are any of you luvin’ Luvs as much as I am?

* This has been a completely unsolicited review. Luvs doesn’t know who KOAB is. I am just sharing my opinion because I’m so tickled to have found such a frugal alternative to diapering my little one!

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