Update on the Play-Doh Coupon Deal for Target

On Friday afternoon, I posted about a stackable coupon deal on the Play-Doh Fridge Packs at Target.

Previous to that, several readers had contacted me to let me know that they were able to use the coupons.com coupon for a Mega Pack stacked together with the Target coupon for the fridge pack. I told them I wasn’t sure you were supposed to be able to use the Mega Pack coupon on this product, but said I would check it out as soon as I could get to Target.

When I went there on Friday, I confirmed that the price-cut Play-Doh is labeled Fridge Pack. The coupons.com coupon is labeled Mega Pack. It has a picture on it, but it does not say the number of canisters per package that constitute a “Mega Pack” (i.e. 20, 30, etc.)

My assumption, therefore, was that Mega Pack was actually a generic term, as I did not see any packages with that name on it (perhaps they are sold at a different store?).

I went up to the check-out, showed the cashier the coupons and asked if he could try it – he did and it went through without beeping. This confirmed my assumption that Mega Pack was a generic term.

I am writing this post to update because it has come to my attention that while the coupon may have been “coded” to go through without beeping, the intention of the manufacturer may not have been for this MegaPack coupon to be used on the Fridge Pack. I have emailed Target and Play-Doh to clarify, and will update you when I find out.

As those of you who have been reading KOAB for a while know, I am fastidious about ethical coupon usage. I would never knowingly misuse a coupon – nor, G-d forbid, encourage my readers to do so.

This morning I got an email accusing me of chilul hashem and perpetuating negative stereotypes about religious Jews for posting that coupon. Her comment cut me to the core – and made me reevaluate that post.

While I certainly had no intention whatsoever of doing something unethical – nor encouraging you to do something unethical – even the appearance of that is unacceptable for me. So, for now, I would suggest that you hold off on stacking the coupons and I will, as I said, update you if and when I hear back from either Target or Play-Doh.


  1. I follow your blog but don’t usually comment and I must say this is a beautiful post. So many people take advantage of website price mistakes that they know are wrong and then get upset when the company realizes and can’t honor it. Its nice to see someone being honest about coupons and savings 🙂

  2. Mara, I am so upset to hear that anyone would accuse you of making a chillul Hashem. It’s just the opposite! When I watched the footage of your children in kippot helping those who lost everything in Joplin, I was so moved by what a kidush Hashem you made! I’ve learned (and saved) so much because of you and I can’t thank you enough! Keep it up 🙂

  3. I’m sorry that you had to endure such an email. While some shows and couponers out there have given many of us a bad name, it’s wonderful to see those that are trying to teach and demonstrate ethical couponing. I commend you for speaking up and while we are ALL human, you did your best to interpret the MFR’s intent with that coupon. Chin up, and thank you for all you do to help us save money.

  4. There is an actual product called MEGA PACK. It is the 32 or 36 (not sure which) count pack. It was actually on sale a couple of weeks ago, and you could use the mega pack coupon for it. I was wondering why everyone was stacking the coupon with the FRIDGE PACK. Didn’t seem right. But, in any case…MEGA PACK is NOT a generic term, it is an actual product.

  5. You are doing a wonderful job, you have helped me save money and taught me to be more responsible about money. Don’t listen to the haters! Keep up the good work and thank you!

  6. some people are just so self righteous. i have been following this blog for a while now and have never seen anything like what that person accused you of. coupon can be coded very specifically. i have been at cvs where they told me i couldn’t use a coupon so i put it away for next time and i have also been there where the coupon is not specific and won’t go through and the cashier over rode it. i think for the most part we are not here about extreme couponing…….just trying to save a little for our families. i think most of us here know that your “kosher on a budget” blog is completely KOSHER certified ;0)

  7. Wait – people were upset at what you posted or that you posted on a Friday? so lost….but you’re doing fine.

    • Sorry – I see why you were confused, I edited the post! The reader (you can see her comment on the other post) was upset because she thought I was encouraging my readers to “game” the system and use coupons in an unethical manner. Or that I was giving the appearance of such (marit ayin).

  8. Mara – I can’t imagine how anyone who has read your blog could suggest that you would ever encourage any kind of unethical conduct. It seems to me that people who carelessly throw around baseless and hurtful accusations would do better to examine their own conduct.

  9. I never saw any implication of unethical use in your post. I love that you are always very careful about following Mfr rules. I think you did this time as well.

  10. I’ve been reading KOAB since Day One and I’ve never seen you suggest any unethical couponing. Not once. I appreciate you contacting Target and Play-Doh to get more information, and I appreciate everything about KOAB!

  11. I think you have demonstrated the utmost integrity with regard to this issue – as well as in all your blogs/post. Please know that your efforts are GREATLY appreciated and it is because of your high standards and thoroughness that I am a loyal subscriber.

  12. Mara, I specifically have learned from your blog the ethics of coupons. The person who sent that e-mail seems to be the same type of people who in the 1940 were afraid to speak out against the Nazis, lest they be told they are “More Jewish than American”. Now that may be harsh, but that’s the way I see it. Not everything is a “Jewish Greed” thing, many times it’s a Human Error.

  13. Any reply from Target or Play Doh on this?

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