How to Watch Israeli TV & Listen to Israeli Radio for FREE in the United States

Here’s a great way to stay in touch with Israel without having to pay a cent: Watching Israeli TV and listening to Israeli radio for FREE.

We do this at our house, so I just asked my husband to send me all the links so I could share it with you.


Israel channel 1 – pick your on-demand options on the right

Israel Channel 2 Live (We watched Gilad Shalit come home on this)

Israel Channel 2 News – Links to the latest stories and previous evening’s news

Israel Channel 2 Programs on Demand – Watch (many of) your favorite programs on demand

Israel Channel 10 Live – Plus see the links across the top for all the on-demand programs

Israel Channel 10 News – Links to all the latest coverage


On-demand Israeli Radio News in English

Gal Galatz and many other Israeli radio stations on demand

You can also download the TuneIn Radio app for Android or iPhone (search the app store on your phone) to listen to Israeli radio (and more) on your phone. These are the free versions, but you can also download the Pro versions, which is what we have and my husband says they are noticeably better. It’s $.99 on iTunes for the iPhone – and the same for your Android on Amazon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Our favorite site to get free streaming radio from Israel is

  2. There are also lots of great shows on the reshet ( or and hot ( channels. And almost all of te shows (except for live broadcasts) have subtitles in Hebrew which is quite helpful if you’re less than fluent.

  3. dany sarfaty says

    I have a android tvbox with 12months 139 Israeli Channels
    i pay $150 for all great service .

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