Whole Foods: Get 30 Tulips for $10 (Friday Only)

Whole Foods Tulips

This coming Friday (3/7/14), Whole Foods will have a wonderful deal on fresh-cut tulips: Get three bunches of tulips for only $10.

Each bunch has 10 stems, so this is a great price on my very, very favorite flower.

(Honey, are you reading this post? Shabbat flowers, mmkay?)

As long as you’ll already be heading to Whole Foods, be sure to read this post on 5 Ways to Save at Whole Foods — so you can get some more bargains while you’re there!


  1. Orit Cohen Faguet says

    Also, great use of the group on!

  2. It must be that winter is lasting way too long but I bought myself some roses last week and I never spend money on flowers. I just needed it. The tulips sound wonderful.

  3. I think this winter has gotten to a lot of people, Shavy!

  4. Personally I like silk ones. Dust them off now and then and replace every few years – but that’s me and my flower budget 🙂

  5. When I lived in Israel, Frima-Martin Burger, we got live flowers every Shabbat. For 10 NIS, it was a no brainer. But in the US, we’ve crossed it off the list. I miss them!

  6. Jennifer Barnes says

    Don’t forget to drop an old penny in the bottom of the case- it keeps them standing straight up!

  7. Jennifer Barnes says

    Vase- not case

  8. I’d read that on Young House Love, but have never tried it. I will now, thanks Jennifer!

  9. Tulips are my favorite! I usually only have shabbat flowers from my garden in the summer so this will be a treat!

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