Zulily | Phil & Teds Promenade Stroller for $499.99 (Reg. $850)

Phil&Teds Promenade Buggy

Zulily is having a Phil & Teds Stroller Sale today. The best deal is without a doubt the new model Promenade Buggy pictured above for only $499.99 (reg. $850) with FREE shipping.

That’s a whopping $350 discount!

(Let me be clear in case some of you think I’ve lost my mind telling you about a $500 stroller. I get that this is still a ton of money to spend on a stroller – and you know, I think Craigslist is great for these kinds of “gear” buys. But I also know from your emails that many of you are buying for a first baby – and only want new, to last thru your whole family.)

They also have all the accessories on sale for the Promenade Buggy: storm cover, bottle holder, attachments, second seat, and more.

(If you’re not yet signed up for Zulily, it’s one of my flash deal favorites. Sign up HERE.)



  1. Costco online also has a great deal on a Phil stroller. Forgot the exact amount but around $350

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