101 Mishloach Manot Ideas

101 Mishloach Manot Ideas for Purim

Find yourself stuck for a creative mishloach manot idea this year for Purim?

There’s nothing wrong with a few hamantashen and an orange on a plastic plate. But if you want to get a bit more creative, here are 101 michloach manot ideas for you.

The best part about this list? None of them are complicated nor costly. 

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101 Mishloach Manot Ideas

  1. Have a Soup-er Purim: Homemade soup with breadsticks, croutons or soup nuts
  2. Chips & Salsa (with homemade salsa)
  3. More Chips & Salsa (with Personalized Layered Dip)
  4. Candy Sushi candy-sushi
  5. Tea Time
  6. More Tea Time  – tea bags with homemade scones or finger sandwiches
  7. Butterfly Bags purim goody bags
  8. Italian – pasta, sauce (homemade), olive oil, fresh basil, fresh grated parmesan
  9. Yom Tov – apple & honey, latke or sufganiyah, hamentashen, matzah, mini cheese cake
  10. S’mores Kits
  11. Apples – apple juice, apple sauce, apple muffins, etc. (“You’re the apple of our eye”)
  12. Cowboy / Wild West
  13. Breakfast Bites – Homemade muffins & jam, bagels & cream cheese
  14. Hot Chocolate in a Jar hot-chocolate-in-a-jar
  15. Cereal and (shelf-stable) milk: “We wish you a CEREALously wonderful Purim!”
  16. Heathy Snacks: Veggies & Dip Healthy Mishloach Manot
  17. Healthy Breakfast: Yogurt with homemade granola
  18. School Lunches: PB&J, fruit cup, granola bar, and juice box wrapped up on disposable lunch trays
  19. Movie Night: Popcorn, candy and soda, wrapped up in popcorn boxes Movie Night Mishloach Manot
  20. In Flight Delight – mini bag of peanuts, mini bag of pretzels, bottle of water (or mini bottles of alcohol for your good friends)
  21. Death by Chocolate – ’nuff said!
  22. Star Wars star-wars-mishloach-manot
  23. Orange: “Orange you glad it’s Purim” with all orange treats
  24. Picnic Basket: wine or Perrier, cheese, baguettes, salads
  25. PB&J (Healthy): whole grain bread, all-natural peanut butter & fruit preserves
  26. Pizza Kit: ready-made crusts (or mini crusts), homemade sauce, grated cheese, olives
  27. Ice Cream Sundae ice-cream-sundae-mm
  28. Shivat haMinim: Hamentaschen (wheat), beer (barley), dates, raisins (grapes), olives, figs and POM Wonderful juice
  29. Melting Pot: Cubed fruit, pound cake, nuts and chocolate bar (don’t forget the tea light)
  30. Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Cracker Jacks, Peanuts, Cotton Candy, etc. (wrapped up in a baseball cap?)
  31. Rainbow #1: one food for each color of the rainbow
  32. Rainbow #2: one rainbow Twizzlers packaged with gold-wrapped coins (left-over from Chanukah?) rainbow mishloach manot
  33. Rainbow #3 (healthy): layered salad in clear plastic cup, with grape tomatoes, shredded carrots, corn, peas and shredded cabbage
  34. Dominoes: Black & white foods, in a white gift bag with large black circles
  35. Farmer in the Dell: Basket of fresh fruit and veggies (dress up as farmers)
  36. Prescription Purim: small medicine bottles or weekly pill box filled with various candies and treats, with “Rx Purim” labels {especially cute with doctor / nurse costumes} medicine mishloach manot
  37. Day at the Beach: Summer snacks wrapped up in a plastic pail
  38. Chinese: Stir fry rice or noodles in Chinese take-out container, topped with fortune cookies and chopsticks
  39. Gone Nuts: Bamba, nutter bars, almond spread, cashews, etc.
  40. Tropical Treats: Coconut M & M’s, coconut milk, mini bottles of rum, pina colada muffins
  41. Shabbos in a Bag: challah roll, mini grape juice, chicken soup, etc.
  42. Pickled Purim: All pickled treats, wrapped up in a pickling jar
  43. Caramel apples: Homemade salted caramel & apple 
  44. Spice of Life: Spice tea, spice cake, oranges with cloves, cinnamon sticks, etc.
  45. Beer & nuts (or other “bar” food) ~ for the 21 & older crowd
  46. Greek: Olives, Feta cheese, piece of Spanikopita, pita chips
  47. Caesar Salad: Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, homemade croutons, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, mini bottles of EVOO
  48. Taste of Israel: Pita, falafel balls, hummus and chopped salad in disposable containers, wrapped with white & blue ribbon taste of israel
  49. Taste of Israel #2: Olives, hummus, eggplant salad, pita chips, zaatar, halva
  50. Kugel & Cake
  51. “Mini” Me: mini carrots, mini rice cakes, mini bottles of water, mini quiches, etc. {Possibly packaged in a Minnie Mouse-themed gift bag – perfect with a “Minnie” mouse costume}
  52. Sweet & Sour or Hot & Sour
  53. Snap, Crackle, Pop: Rice Krispies, Pop Rocks, Pop Chips, Sugar Snaps, etc.
  54. Lower East Side: Deli sandwich, pickle and cream soda
  55. Milk & cookies Milk & Cookies Mishloach Manot
  56. Esther’s Jewels: Ring pop, candy necklace, etc. in a jewelry box or fancy gift bag (these are pretty & cheap!)
  57. We’re Bananas for You: Banana bread, banana chips, banana-flavored laffy taffy
  58. When Life Hands You Lemons: Lemons, sugar cubes, bottled water, lemon muffins
  59. Mishloach Manot Man (aka Juice Box Robot): Juice box body, apple sauce cup head, mini-raisin feet, pretzel rod arms, spoon antennas
  60. Purim Pick-Me-Up: Coffee packets, tea packets, energy bar, can of Coke or energy drink
  61. Buried Treasure: Chocolate gold coins, ring pops, candy necklaces in pirate’s treasure boxes buried treasure mishloach manot
  62. Bread & Butter: Homemade bread and spreads
  63. Corn-y: Corn muffins, baby corn, candy corn
  64. Beans: Baked Beans, black beans, green beans, jelly beans (“How’s your Purim bean?”)
  65. Firefighter: Red hots, spicy chili, burned cake (hahaha)
  66. Morning Sickness (perfect for a pregnant lady): Ginger Ale, saltines, candied ginger
  67. How Your Garden Grows How Does Your Garden Grow
  68. Havdalah: Grape juice, cinnamon buns (besamim), licorine braided into havdala candle
  69. Pretzels: Homemade pretzels with dipping sauce
  70. Alphabet Soup: As many little foods as possible that start with the letter A, B, C, etc.
  71. This Mishloach Manot is Brought to You by the Letter P and the Number 14
  72. Alphabet: Pick a letter and have all the foods start with that letter
  73. Mad Scientist: slime (made from Jello), Test Tube treats, candy chocolate brains (here’s a mold to make your own)
  74. Birds of a Feather Flock Together: egg-shaped chocolates, speckled egg candies, gummy worms, wrapped up in a bird’s nest
  75. Ray of Sunshine: All yellow treats
  76. Peter Cottontail: Piping bags filled with cheese doodles and tied with green ribbon (“carrots”) + marshmallow cottontails
  77. Have a “Berry” Happy Purim: Strawberry short cake, blueberry pie, fresh berries, etc.
  78. Artist’s Palette  artist palette for Purim
  79. Briyat haOlam: Black & white cookie (yom 1); water & cotton candy (yom 2); candy flowers (yom 3); star cookies (yom 4); gummy fish (yom 5); animal crackers (yom 6); challah rolls & mini juice bottle (yom shabbat)
  80. Out of this world: Mars Bar, Milky way, etc. {dress your kiddos up as astronauts and aliens}
  81. Go green: Recycle all your mishloach manot??!!
  82. Camping: Bug juice, trail mix, hot cocoa mix
  83. CHiPs: potato chips, chocolate chips, banana chips.. and you dress up like Erik Estrada (those of you born in the ’90s may not get this reference)
  84. Green Eggs and Ham{antashen} green eggs
  85. Cold Kit: Jewish penicillin (aka chicken soup), orange juice,  tea & honey, cough drops (wrapped up in an empty tissue box??)
  86. Alice in Wonderland: Bottle of liquid with “drink me” sign, food labeled with “eat me” signs
  87. Hide & Seek: Cookies or bars or hidden treats inside like meringues with chocolate chips in the middle, hamantashen, chocolate Purim masks, etc.
  88. Monsters: Monster cookies, monster energy drink (check if that’s kosher)
  89. Honey: Honey sticks, honey cookies, honey cake, honey-flavored candies, honey candles, etc. {works great with a bee costume} honey gift basket
  90. Prisoners: Bread & water in white bag with black vertical stripes (for prisoner bars)
  91. Leaving Egypt: Yogi Egyptian tea and honey stick, Toblerone singles (shaped like a pyramid), Egyptian fava beans, etc.
  92. 4 Mitzvot of Purim: rolls for the seudah, gold chocolate coins for matanot l’evyonim, fruit roll up for megilah and hamantashen for mishloach  manot
  93. Health Nut: all healthy/organic snacks (Clif Bars, LaraBar, dried fruit, etc.)
  94. Under the Sea under the sea mishloach manot
  95. “Paleo” Purim: carb-free, sugar-free
  96. Popcorn: various flavors of gourmet popcorn, popcorn-flavored jelly bellies
  97. Purim Seudah for 1: 4-Course Meal on divided plate with serving of each of four courses: salad, meat, and dessert + a challah roll
  98. Newly kosher: snack foods that didn’t use to have a hechsher, but are now kosher like Oreos, Dots, etc.
  99. Vegas: 100 Grand Bar, gold coins, a mini deck of playing cards or dice, etc. – wrapped up in a large martini glass (Haman gambled with our lives, but the “house” didn’t let him win!)
  100. Smoothies: Ingredients for your favorite smoothie, with a  mini box of almond or rice milk – for eg. orange creamsicle smoothie (orange, carrots, frozen/fresh mango) or strawberry banana oatmeal smoothie (strawberries, banana, rolled oats)
  101. Sushi Salad Sushi Salad Mishloach Manot
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  1. Wow! What a wonderful resource. I think you’ve covered everything anyone could ever want here. Thank you!

  2. Man. That was good.

  3. What a great list! We are actually doing the bean one this year. We included a black bean soup recipe and a picture of Mr. Bean as well as chocolate covered coffee beans.

  4. Wow! What a variety of adorable ideas! Thank you! Here is an idea got newly weds in their first year. Put a pear, pear flavored jelly bellies, and chocolate leaves (either mint or raspberry flavored) on a green plate or bowl and all the notes can say”happy purim from the new

  5. from the new pear

  6. Its not opening can you repost link?

  7. Love this! Thanks Mara!

  8. That’s so funny, I’ve done a whole bunch of these! I did S’mores, School lunch, breakfast and milk and cookies. This year a I am doing soup and bread sticks. Last year i did all the Brachot (Challah, Grape Juice, fruit, veggie, cookie and a chocolate)

  9. This is fabulous! My favorite is mad science. Thanks, Mara.

  10. I love the ideas you gave. Just one comment- someone I know did a medical theme and I asked them why they didn’t put candy into pill bottles. They pointed out that it’s dangerous for kids to mistake medicine for candy, and the two should never be interchanged. So true— keep that in mind before putting candy in a pill organizer, etc.

  11. A few years ago I did a shaloch manos theme with all the chagim. I asked people to save their Etrog boxes from Sukkos and used those as my container. I put Chanukah gelt, mini cheesecakes, apple slices, honey straw and matzah crackers. If I say so myself it was really cute. I wish I would have taken a picture of it and the cute poem that went along with it.

  12. Great ideas!! I am think of doing the s’mores kit (#10)
    Where did you get the clear containers?

  13. Thanks so much for this fantastic collection of adorable, affordable ideas. I wish you had more pictures and/or details to cover those that are just titles, like: Kugel & Cake, Snap, Crackle & Pop.
    I have done homemade bagels, homemade cream cheese and cherry tomatoes with a napkin & a plastic knife for many years. I have also done homemade fresh potato kugel with hamantaschen, but I found it was too time-consuming and last-minute. Last year, right before I made a wedding, I did a can of tuna with a sleeve of crackers.
    Happy Purim!

  14. Great comprehensive list. I actually give out little “thought gifts” similar to Purim’s Mishloach Manot on other major holidays. This way I don’t feel pressured to (drive) around all day Purim giving out Manot to ever single person I know. I do love the creative side of the preparation though. From this list got some great ideas for other chagim . I like the salted caramel and apples for Rosh HaShanah….

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  19. My favorite is the s’mores kit too!

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  24. Buried Treasure is my favorite!

  25. I remember this mother-of-all Purim posts from last year, and I believe it will be a yearly classic! I’ve pinned, followed, and shared so all my friends can enjoy it too 🙂 It’s hard to choose a favorite but it would have to be the pill box.

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  28. I like the honey idea best. Yes, I do have a honey suit!

  29. Love them all!
    Creative Shalach Manos make this YT so much fun!
    But hands down favorite is the cookies and milk
    Who can resist 100% comfort food 🙂

  30. I love the rainbow ideas- especially with rainbow twizzlers. YUM!

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  32. I liked a bunch of them it wasa hard decision. One of my top choices is the s”mores. Thanks for all the cool ideas.

  33. Rachel Esserman says

    #6 More tea time sounds great.

  34. We’re using your Alice in Wonderland idea this year!
    Guess who gets to dress up as the Queen of Hearts? (“Your way?? MY way!!!!)

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    thanks for all the fantastic ideas.

  39. Judy Rosenbloom says

    I loved the pillbox!

  40. I love the How your garden grows idea!

  41. Love these ideas! My fave is the cowboy idea but the one I would probably use is the healthy food one.

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  43. Sara-Leah Haber says

    I couldn’t decide between 2: hot cocoa kit and sundae kit

  44. Since I work as a nurse, I found the Rx Purim pretty amusing! I might have to make a whole medical theme!

  45. kedma cantor says

    love the Vegas theme and love the butterfly bags – easy for kids to make and give!
    was happy to post on FB and Pinterest – the more great ideas there are out there – the better for everyone! Hag Purim Sameach!

  46. Rachel Stewart says

    i like the soup-er one! number one

  47. My favorite has been the movie night theme and I have been stocking up on popcorn containers in preparation since I couldn’t find last year! I have pinned and followed and shared!

  48. I love the healthy snacks. Kids get enough candy. Veggies and dip are nice gifts.

  49. Love the Butterfly Bags – so cute!

  50. I like the butterfly idea! It will be easy for my son to help me!

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