Back to School Price List

2013 Back to School Price List

By popular demand, here is a list of the best prices you can expect to see on your list of Back to School supplies.

As always, I recommend starting early and being patient – the supplies will eventually hit these buy-now prices. Here are more strategies for getting the best prices on school supplies.

Keep in mind that you won’t necessarily be able to get every item on your list at one store, in one day.

If the price on an item is slightly higher than the one listed here, it may still be worth it for you to buy it — since you can cross it off your list and be done with it! (This is a prime example of my More Time vs. More Money paradigm.)

I’ve saved this Back to School Price List as a Google Doc in case you want to print out the list and take it with you to the store!

Back to School Price List

Crayola Crayons, 24-ct – $.25
Crayola Markers, Fine Tip, 10-count – $.97
Crayola Markers, Regular Tip, 8-count – $.97
Crayola Markers, Washable, 8-count or 10-count – $1.97
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12-ct – $.97
Crayola Watercolors – $.50 – $.97

Elmers School Glue – $.20
Elmer’s Glue Sticks (2-pack) – $.25
Scotch Tape – $.25

Ruler – $.75

Pink Pearl Erasers – $.25 ($1 for a pack of 4)
Cap Erasers, 12-pack – $.25 (or FREE)

Ticonderoga Pencils, 12-pack – $2 (other brands are usually much less, or even free)
Plastic Pencil Box – $.25
Fabric Pencil Bag with 3-Ring Punch – $.25
Pencil Sharpener (the small mechanical ones) – $.10

Bic Pens, Blue, Black or Red – $.25 (or FREE)

Sharpies, 2-pack – $.50 (or FREE)

Fiskars Scissors, Blunt-Tip – $.75
Fiskars Scissors, Regular Tip – $1.50

Composition Notebooks – $.25 (or FREE)
Notebook Paper, Wide- or College-Ruled – $.25
Spiral Notebook, Wide- or College-Ruled – $.25
Graph Paper – $.75
Construction Paper, 9×12 – $2.50
Poster Board, Single Sheet – $.50

Expo Dry Erase Markers, 4-ct – $1.50 or FREE after rebate

Highlighters, 2-pack – $.50

Expo Dry Eraser – $1

Index Cards, 100-count – $.25

1-inch binder – $.50
3-inch binder – $3
2-Pocket Folder, Paper -$ .10 (or FREE)
2-Pocket Folder, Plastic – $.25

Backpacks & Lunchboxes

Office Max has offered 100% Rewards (i.e. FREE after Rewards) at the end of July for the last three years. If you don’t mind waiting until after the first day of school, I like to buy both backpacks and lunch boxes on Clearance. I’ll be sure to post about various clearance finds.

Household Items

(Many school supply lists include these items; ideally you can just take these from your stockpile, but if you need to buy, here are my target prices)

Baby Wipes, 72-80 count – $1
Kleenex Facial Tissue – $.75
Ziploc Bags, 24-count – $1.50 (Costco)
Bleach Wipes, 35-count – $1 (Amazon)
Purell Hand Sanitizer – $1 (store brands will be half that)

Be sure to follow Kosher on a Budget’s Back to School Deals to find out about all the best sales on your school supply list.

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