Ask My Readers | Favorite Kosher for Passover Cookbooks

Reader Q&ADeb on Facebook is looking for some good recommendations for Kosher for Passover cookbooks. So of course, I’m turning to my favorite experts – You!

I am more of a find-my-recipes-online type, so I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

What’s your favorite Passover cookbook?

Do you have a question about budgeting, couponing, menu planning or anything else? Please send me an email – I love hearing from my readers!


  1. Sharon Feiler says

    I’m a big Susie Fishbein fan. I love her Passover by Design – especially for the desserts. I don’t buy cakes and stuff for Pesach, I make everything. Her recipes are really easy and yummy. She tweaks some of her previous recipes for this cookbook and also has some new ones. Many of the recipes in her other cookbooks are very adaptable (many need no changes) for Pesach.

  2. Just got Dining in on Passover and it’s very good. Also, Tamar Ansch has good Passover cookbooks, which are non-gobrokts. Her new one is Pesach- Anything’s Possible.

  3. I like the Tamar Ash cookbook. I have Susie Fishbein’s Pesach cookbook, but it’s not a must. Her regular cookbooks have tons of recipes that can be used as is or with a little tweaking. I have a Pesach folder with photocopies of recipes I have used over the years and most of them are hers.

  4. The Hadassah holiday cookbook has a very nice Pesach section, as does 1,000 Jewish recipes and the Book of Jewish Food. Most kosher recipes can be tweaked for Pesach unless they are really chametz (like bread or pasta).

  5. I love The New York Times passover cookbook: more than 200 holiday recipes from top chefs and writers. honestly, I don’t use that many actual recipes, but I most of the ones I do use are form that cookbook. And it is a good cookbook to read for inspiration too!

  6. I work at the Judaica store in LA–basically the top sellers in order are:
    1) Pesach: Anything’s Possible, 2) Passover by Design, 3) Dining In on Pesach, 4) The New York Times Passover Cookbook, and 5) Spice & Spirit: Kosher Passover Cookbook

  7. There’s also a new Pesach cookbook out… simple recipes from good, wholesome foods…. The No Potato Passover.

  8. Check out Aviva Kanoff’s new low-carb cookbook “No Potato Passover”. I just got it and it’s GORGEOUS, and I’ve already made a few recipes–DELICIOUS!!

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