Virtual Sukkah Hop Tour, Part 2

Welcome back to the worldwide sukkah tour! You can visit Part 1 of the tour here. First up, I want to highlight the wonderful bloggers who linked up with pictures of their sukkot! Thanks guys. Here is Organized Jewish Home's absolutely stunning … [Read more...]

Virtual Sukkah Hop Tour, Part 1

Moadim l'Simcha! I am having SO much fun "visiting" your sukkot! Thank you for generously sharing them with me and all of the KOAB readers. Kicking things off in my hometown of Overland Park, KS, this lovely sukkah belongs to my friend Tamara. … [Read more...]

Pictures of Our Sukkah

I didn't get a chance to post pictures of our completed sukkah before the chag, so I thought I'd share tonight! Please make sure to link up to pictures of your own sukkah in the Virtual Sukkah Hop. We build our sukkah right off our kitchen/family … [Read more...]

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Virtual Sukkah Hop!

Bruchim Ha'Baim! Welcome to the 2nd Annual Virtual Sukkah Hop on Kosher on a Budget. My family is still furiously working on our sukkah, but here's a picture of the construction process. My husband is hanging the walls, while my 6 year-old is … [Read more...]

Sukkot Dinner Menu + Complete Shopping List from Susie Fishbein

PHOTO CREDIT: Joy of Kosher Still not sure what you're cooking for Sukkot dinner tomorrow night? I love this complete Sukkot dinner menu from Susie Fishbein that was posted up on Joy of Kosher today. It includes all the recipes, plus a complete … [Read more...]

Get Ready for the 2nd Annual Sukkah Hop!

Shavua Tov! I hope your Yom Kippur was exactly what you needed and wanted it to be. As my husband looks for the parts of our sukkah and I start working on our grocery lists, I wanted to let you in on a fun little party I'm going to be hosting … [Read more...]

Our Sukkot Menu Plan (12 More YomTov Meals!)

PHOTO CREDIT: JDCC I've got a confession to make. (Hangs head in shame.) I haven't had a menu plan this week. And you know what happens when I don't menu plan. Fortunately this time, we didn't blow our budget, but I will admit to making some … [Read more...]

Sukkot Giveaway (& Review) #3: Simply Southern with a Dash of Kosher Soul Cookbook

Welcome to day 3 of the 3-day Sukkot Giveaway. All giveaways will close tonight at midnight and the winners will be notified and announced tomorrow morning! Be sure to enter all three giveaways. Several week ago, a reader (Hi, Amara!) … [Read more...]

Sukkot Giveaway #2: Festive Table Setting (for 32) + Sukkah Decorations

I'm usually a "real" dishes person. Sure, sometimes laziness takes over and I want to use disposables, but the vast majority of Shabbatot are served on our real dishes. But when it comes to Sukkot, all my real dishology flies out the window. I … [Read more...]

Sukkot Giveaway #1: Chag Sukkkot Sameach Sukkah Banner

This week, I am excited to be hosting three quick give-aways in honor of Sukkot. Each sweepstakes will close on Wednesday night, with the winners of all three being announced on Thursday morning. The Sukkah Project was so pleased with the KOAB … [Read more...]