Check your Costco: 1-Lb Handmade Shmura Matza for $12.99

shmura matzo $12.99:lb

You guys know I live in Kansas City, right?

And while KC is known for many things, being the kosher food capital of the United States is not one of them.

But, lo and behold, would you check out what my Costco has in their Passover section?

Holyland Handmade Shmura Matza (also spelled Matzo) for only $12.99 per pound.

If you’re a member, check out your Costco – and let us know if yours also carries it. Please leave your location in the comment, so other readers can benefit as well.


  1. It sold out here in STL, but someone in our community contacted a Costco in Chicago to order another pallet, and went to get it. $14.52/lb including tax and transport. Since our shul does make some money on the matzah they sell, anyone who ordered the Costco matzahs is encouraged to make a donation to the shul.

  2. None at the mountain view Costco, home shopping base of the Stanford/palo alto minian

  3. We have shmurah matzoh for $13.99 at Costco in Houston. Does anyone know if Costco carries regular matzo for Passover anywhere in the USA?

  4. None so far in Burbank and Van Nuys, CA.

  5. I saw some last week at the Costco in Commerce Twp, MI

  6. No shmurah matzoh at either the Cave Creek or Paradise Valley location in the Phoenix area. They do have the 5 lb. Manischewitz for about $8. The guy at PV told me that they have the huge bottles of Kedem grape juice but might be running out sooner than later. I haven’t had a chance to check the Scottsdale location.

  7. Robyn Safier says

    none at the costco in paramus nj

    • The Shmura matzoh was at the Hackensack Costco but it went fast. ShopRite had a variety of Shmura matzoh from $18 and lower. They lowered the price to $13 and lower just prior to the chag.

  8. Izzy Miller says

    There was a large quantity of Handmade Shmuar at COSTCO in columbia, MD but it sold out in one day and thery aren’t getting anymore before Pesach.

    • It wasn’t bad. The box I bought was well done –around the edges. It was not thin enough for me but we only eat it for the Seder anyway. Most shmura matzoh around here (NY/NJ) was going for $25/lb and more.

  9. We used the Shmura and I was very happy, The Matzohs were packaged great. Amazingly, in first three boxes (and I assume the same for rest) only one cracked piece. I thought the taste waqs excellent and am still enjoying them.

  10. The Costco in St. Louis Park, MN has Holyland Schmura for$15 or so, for a box of eight pieces. Many were broken in the box I got but that’s not a big deal. The taste is okay but not quite as good as what I used to get, which has always been a box of three but more like $22. They also have Kedem ‘Israeli Style’ Gefilte Fish, two 24 oz. jars for $8. For years I’ve been getting the various frozen ones which generally taste better but these Kedem ones taste pretty good.

  11. stacy beyer says

    None in Jacksonville florida

  12. d g silver says

    when will lb shmura matza be available at costco aurora colorado

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