Costco Membership Deals (Today Only)

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Have you been contemplating getting a Costco membership? Maybe you want to give one as a gift to a friend or family member? Or upgrade your current membership to Executive / Business Level?

Today the flash deal site Zulily has the best (and frankly, only) deal I’ve seen on a Costco membership.

Get a Gold Star Membership, plus a $50 Coupon Book, and FREE 35-Pack Water,a 48-Pack of Batteries and a free rotisserie chicken (I don’t think any stores have these kosher, unfortunately) for $55.00.

Current Costco members can use this deal to upgrade their Gold Star Membership to an Executive Membership with 2% Reward on most purchases. This deal cannot be used for renewal of an existing membership, only upgrades.

That’s the regular price for the Gold Star Membership, but you get the freebies with it – which means if you were leaning toward the membership anyway, it just sweetened the pot.

By the way, when you shop at Costco, here are the 7 Items I Recommend Buying at Costco… and the 5 Items to Avoid at Costco.



  1. What if you already have an Executive Business membership – can we get anything else?

  2. Can we get anything if we already have an Executive/Business membership?

  3. Can two people be put on the account or is this only good for one card/ user?

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