Crazy 8 | Highly Rated Below the Knee Denim Skirt – $15.99 (Down from $20)

Below the Knee Denim Skirt

Searching high and low for an actually-comes-below-her-knees denim skirt for your daughter?

Well, lookie what Crazy 8 has!

Yes, a five-star rated (the reviews are glowing!) denim skirt that falls below the knee and has an adjustable waist!

And it’s on sale right now for $15.99, normally $19.95.

Now, there are two little “bad news” sidenotes about this skirt:

1. It doesn’t qualify for the BOGO $.88 Sale I told you about earlier today, although (good news) if you’re taking advantage of that sale, you can certainly add this to your cart to get you closer to that $75 mark for FREE shipping; and

2. It’s only available in sizes 4-7 at this point; sizes 8 and up are all sold out.

Do any KOAB readers (readers’ daughters?) personally have this skirt? I’d love your reviews on it – it certainly looks popular!

Thanks to KOAB reader, Naomi K, for this awesome find!



  1. My older daughter has it and loves it!

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