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Family costumes. Yay or nay?

It’s been years since my family has coordinated a whole-family themed costume — not because we don’t like the idea of it, but because every year, Purim seems to sneak up on us and we all draw a last-minute, collective blank.

This year, however, I decided to get a jumpstart on the planning, by putting together some family theme options, which I then sent to our family WhatsApp group and asked for input. (I’ll let you imagine how that went.)

Now that we’ve hopefully decided on a theme — at least for four-fifths of us have — I thought I would share my research with you guys.

Of course, each option will need to be customized to your family — to the number and sizes of the children (and parents!), but I thought this list and all the pictures might give you a place to start with your planning.

Want to coordinate your Mishloach Manot to your costume theme? Extra points for you! Check out this list of 101 Mishloach Manot ideas to get the creative juices flowing.
Please note: I aim to spend no more than $20 per costume — and some of these links do exceed my personal budget. Once you decide on your theme, definitely shop around. You may even be able to find costumes (or at least pieces which you can combine together) at your local second hand store.

Wizard of Oz Family Costumes

Maybe it’s the Kansan in me, but I love the Wizard of Oz and think this is such a cute family costume idea — with lots of possibilities for all ages and sizes.

Little Red Riding Hood Family Costumes

For couples with one child — or only one child who will join the family theme — this three-person set is idea. I also think you could make such cute ‘matching’ mishloch manot in a basket!

Addams Family Costumes

Got older children or teenagers? I think this Addamns family theme would be a blast for them!

Star Wars Family Costumes

It doesn’t get more classic than a Star Wars family theme! (Remember when my kiddos dressed up this way several years ago? Feel free to copy our ‘matching’ mishloach manot and homemade light sabers made out of pool noodles — injury-free!)

There are so many other characters from Star Wars, too, so the sky is really the limit (no pun intended). I’d love to see an R2D2 or C-3PO costume added into the mix.  Maybe even for the family pet, like this R2D2 Dog Hoodie.

Frozen Family Costumes

Confession: I never saw Frozen. My daughter finds Disney movies a bit scary (she’s not wrong!) and has never been a big princess kid anyway, so it just didn’t happen. But with Frozen 2, at age 10, she decided she really wanted to see it — and so I brought her a few weeks ago. And guess what? We loved it! I mean — I cried, I laughed, I belted out “Into the Unknown” — LOVED it! So, you can imagine I was eager to see if I could pull off a Frozen family Purim costume theme. Here’s what I came up with.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? 

Do you do family themes for Purim? I’d love for you to send me pictures — of your family dressed up and of any matching mishloach manot you did. I’m putting together a Readers Top 10 Family Purim Costumes, so if I use your pictures, I will send you a $5 Amazon gift card!

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