My Frugal Simcha: A Bridal Bouquet from Whole Foods

Bridal Bouquet

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By Adina

As I was planning my wedding last year, I made the decision to save money on flowers by getting myself a simple bridal bouquet and skipping the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

I called around to many florists for price quotes for a bouquet. Not wanting anything fancy, I was getting quotes for a minimum of $125. This surprised me because I specifically wanted a bouquet arranged like something you would buy for your Shabbos table — no fancy waterfall effect or anything.

Then a light bulb went off! A few times when I shopped at Whole Foods, I noticed that they always have gorgeous, quality flowers. I decided to inquire about arrangements for special events, and it turns out they do it all the time.

My bouquet from Whole Foods ended up costing me about $50, and held up beautifully!

As for centerpieces, I just used fake flowers! These were provided by the hall and prearranged in vases with clear marbles in them. I went to check out the hall while I was engaged on a night they had a wedding there and thought they were quite beautiful. I only noticed they were fake because I realized there was no water in the vase! Fake flowers can be really beautiful. Make a few phone calls to see if there is a gemach in your city.


  1. We did something similar for my wedding this summer – lovely silk bouquet for $75 and homemade centerpieces (candles of different heights tied with maroon and gold ribbon, arranged on flat mirrors). The effect could not have been more beautiful, we have Shabbos flowers for life, and everyone was happy with each other because of the savings. I loved how the focus of my wedding was really on the joy, not the “extras”… sometimes simple is the most beautiful

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