Jennie’s Macaroons – 25% Off Kosher for Passover Treats

Jennies Macaroons Kosher for Passover

Looking for a special treat on baked goods for your Passover seder? Maybe you want to get a special hostess gift (who doesn’t love sweets?!).

Jennie’s Gourmet Macaroons are Kosher for Passover and amazingly delicious. They come in coconut, chocolate, chocolate drizzle, chocolate covered, chocolate chip and almond flavors.

I’m not a coconut fan – but I loved these macaroons. They melt in your mouth and the chocolate drizzle is soooo good!

Jennie’s wants you to give them a try, so they’ve sent me a special coupon code just for KOAB readers. Save 25% off anything in the Jennie’s Macaroons store when you use the coupon code PASSOVER25.

Get FREE shipping on orders over $60.

** The order deadline for Passover is March 15th – so be sure to place your order in the next week, so you get your macaroons in time. **

Note that all gourmet products except for the gluten free cake are certified OU-P.

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  1. These look amazing (if quite deluxe!), but people should be careful when ordering because even though many of us think of macaroons as a Pesach-only food, most of the products on the website are NOT kosher l’pesach. Be sure to order exclusively from the Passover page!

    • Mara Strom says

      Actually all of the gourmet line is KLP, except for the gluten-free cakes. I updated the link so it goes straight to the gourmet line page.

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