Kansas City People: Free Cake Mix at Hen House, No Coupons Required

Free Cake Mix at Hen House

Hen House is having an awesome, AWESOME sale this week. Check out the details at the Kansas City Mamas blog. The short version is when you buy 5 products from their list of pink ribbon items, you will save $5 and Hen House will donate $2 to breast cancer research — a pretty sweet deal all around!

I got 20 special promotion products, plus a handful of other items — including a few full-price things, like $4.43 for the leeks!!!, that I just didn’t feel like making one more stop for somewhere else. All together my total came to just $17.64. For all that stuff! Including the stinkin’ leeks!

Without coupons and $5 promos, my total would have been $69.56, so I saved just over 75%! Now that’s what I call a good day at Hen House.

Obviously a normal person wouldn’t have bought all those boxes of cake mix and cereal to eat in one week. But remember: I stock up now, so I never have to pay full-price later!

The best deal was definitely the cake mix, which was on sale for $.99, plus when you buy 5, you save $5… making all five of them free! I bought 14, but left plenty on the shelves for the rest of the crazy cake-deal shoppers. Much as I love cake mix cakes (I gave up on making birthday cakes from scratch a long time ago, Betty Crocker just tastes better), I clearly don’t need *that* much cake. So, I’ll be donating several boxes to the Yachad Kosher Food Pantry. (See, it really is true that this way of shopping/stockpiling allows you to give more generously!)

Before you head out, be sure to register your Hen House rewards card to get free “clipless” coupons loaded onto your card. I got 2 lbs peaches for free thanks to a $.99/lb clipless coupon and a $1/1 lb coupon from the BIAV fundraiser coupon booklet.

So, meet-up at Hen House?! How many boxes of cake mix will you be buying?


  1. mara,
    were the cakes parve?

  2. What was the deal on the tomatos and the taco seasoning?

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