My Rosh Hashana Menu Plan (2019)

Rosh Hashana Menu Planner

In better late than never news, I have finally made my menu plan for Rosh Hashana.

I’ve even started cooking.

Okay, fine. I’ve only made one thing – double batch of honey cookies.

Rosh Hashana Honey Cookies

But dessert is a priority, right? 

Of course, I used my Rosh Hashana menu planner (have you downloaded yours yet??) to not just make our menu, but also to figure out my grocery list.  So convenient!

If you’re still struggling to make a plan, feel free to cut and paste from the below. 😉

Rosh Hashana Simanim

First Night of Rosh Hashana, Dinner
6 people
We are eating fish, not meat, as our main dish. (Hold on to your hats, folks!) And everything on the menu is a siman. Do you have my simanim card? Download it HERE. It’s the best!

Apple Stuffed Challah
Pomegranate Spritzers (pomegranate juice + bubbly Moscato wine for the adults and ginger ale for the children)
Apples & Honey
Honey-Mustard Salmon
Leek Quiche (I may make this crustless)
Roasted Beets
Moroccan Carrots
Pumpkin Muffins
Lentil Salad (in lieu of black-eyed peas)
Date Balls
Fish “head” candy*

*We buy the gummy fish from Trader Joe’s and relish in the whole removal of the head business – it’s a very silly family tradition

First Day of Rosh Hashana, Lunch
20 people

Apple Stuffed Challah
Round Braided Challah with Sweet Crumb Topping
Apples & Honey
Carrot Dill Soup
Coca-Cola Brisket
Chicken Cutlets – honey garlic sauce (need to find a recipe – any suggestions??)
Apple Kugel
Leek Quiche
Simanim Quinoa Salad
Roasted baby potatoes w/ rosemary
Roasted green beans w/ red onion
Dessert (courtesy of our guests)
+Fruit platter – mango, grapes, peaches, pomegranate, kiwi
+ Date Balls
+ Honey cookies

Second Day of Rosh Hashana, Dinner
11 people

Apple Stuffed Challah
Round Braided Challah with Sweet Crumb Topping
New Fruit
Chicken soup w/ matzah balls, noodles and a lot of carrots & zucchini
Chicken Cutlets – honey garlic sauce
Pumpkin Muffins
Lentil Salad
Roasted Sweet potatoes w/ sage
Green salad with simanim
Apple cake

Second Day of Rosh Hashana, Lunch
13 people

We’re potlucking and haven’t finalized the menu yet, but I would imagine it will mostly be more of the above.

I would love to hear what’s on your Rosh Hashana menu plan! Please share below in the comments – we could all use some more inspiration!

Shana Tova!



  1. Leah Schnitzler says

    Im excited to try the leek quiche but i found only oud oat milk… any clue if its available in pareve or did you try a different milk?

    • Hey Leah – I used rice milk (because I had it on hand), but I think any dairy-free milk would work (almond, soy, etc.).

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