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My Publisher Free Extra Pages Offer

For years, I’ve felt guilty for not keeping up with our photos. I take them, I download them to iPhoto, I might even forward a few to the grandparents.

And then they sit there, sucking up memory on my harddrive.

This year, I decided that I am going to make annual family yearbooks. Once a month, I’ve put the best pictures from that month into a separate folder in my iPhoto and then a few weeks ago, I started working on creating my photobook.

I’m a perfectionist, so I like to give myself time to labor / obsess over my photobooks.

MyPublisher Free Extra Pages

When it comes to printing my book, there are many FREE 20-page photobook offers out there. But let me just tell you, no family yearbook is going to fit neatly in 20 pages.

I’m at 53 pages already, and I still have Thanksgiving, Chanukah and my daughter’s tumbling recital to add to the mix.

So, free photobook offers aren’t gonna cut it for me.

Also, since this is going to be a yearly tradition, I really want to stick with one company, so that the styling of all the books will be similar. (That way when I display them, they’ll look like a set and my OCD tendencies will be satisfied!)

I have two favorite photobook companies, but one has really pulled ahead for me in the last year: My Publisher. I have come to prefer their software and have been incredibly pleased with their quality and design.

MyPublisher Free Extra Pages

(I prefer to create my own book and do my own layout, so it does take a bit more patchkeing, but MyPublisher makes it easy to move photos around, set different backgrounds, use one photo, three photos of 12 photos on a page, etc.)

If you, too, like making BIG photobooks, My Publisher runs the best promotions in the business, IMHO — and right now they have my favorite one: Free Extra Pages.

What that means is — you pay for a 20-page book and you get all the extra pages up to 100 for FREE. That’s a savings of as much as 70% depending on how many pages you get.

If you’re getting a classic book (8.75×11.25-inches), you’ll pay $35. If you want a deluxe book (11.5×15-iches – I actually prefer the classic size), you’ll pay $70. Either way, for a 50-100 page book, you won’t find a better price.

I took advantage of this offer back in July, when I made a 10th birthday book for my oldest (going thru a decade’s worth of pictures was intense!).

MyPublisher Free Extra Pages

And I’ve been waiting patiently for it to come back for my 2013 Family Yearbook.

This morning I got welcome news — thru tomorrow only (12/19), you can take advantage of My Publisher’s awesome Free Extra Pages offer.

Just head over to MyPublisher to create your photobook (give yourself a few hours to work on it tonight and tomorrow – unless you don’t mind the auto-populate option).

Then use the coupon code GIFTPAGES at checkout to get all your extra pages for free!

 And I've been waiting patiently for it to come back for my 2013 Family Yearbook.

The coupon is valid for multiple uses. It expires December 19, 2013 at 11:59 PM PST.

Fine Print: This offer entitles MyPublisher users to receive a classic photo book with a linen, custom photo finish or book jacket cover and free extra pages for $35 or deluxe photo book with a linen, custom photo finish or book jacket cover and free extra pages for $70. Other paper, printing and cover options and slipcases may be added to the order at full retail price.

Happy photobook making!

(The images in this post are some screenshots from our family yearbook and my son’s 10th birthday book.)


  1. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Amazing, Mara. I wanted to made a photo book of my sefer beresheit projects from The timing couldn’t be much better! B ut now I have to ignore my kids for a few hours while I make it. Chazak chazak vneatchazek.

  3. MyPublisher is the best. I too use them now exclusively for my photo books. I love the large size books with lay flat pages and super gloss printing. The free extra pages is the only offer I wait for. I always make my books 100 pages to take maximum advantage of the coupon. It nice to hear that someone else likes making books with MyPublisher.

    • So glad to hear you love it, too. Definitely love those FREE extra pages (never gotten up to 100 pages, but in the 70-80 range typically). I also LOVE the lay flat pages. We upgraded to that on our last book and thought it was fabulous!

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