No Kosher for Passover Trader Joe’s List Updated for 2020

First, please let me apologize. I know you all count on Kosher on a Budget to share with you the content you need to save money and time for Pesach — and year-round.

For the past several years, I’ve created an updated list of all the Kosher for Passover products at Trader Joe’s. I was really planning to do the same this year.

Since moving to Israel in 2017, I’ve hired a KOAB reader to do the annual TJs reconnaissance and help me to suss out new-to-the-market KLP options.

Given the spread of the Coronavirus, however, I simply can not in good conscious ask a reader of mine to spend any time in the store beyond what is absolutely necessary. So, unfortunately, this year, there will be no updated KLP Trader Joe’s list.

My advice to you given this unfortunate news?

Check out last year’s version, and cross-reference it to the OU 2020 Passover Guide and cRC 2020 Passover Guide.

99% of the products should still be available — my only question is about the coconut products, and I do have a call into the certifying agency.


  1. Andrea Harris says

    Would love to know if the coconut and ground almonds are ok without Pesach hechsher.

  2. Michele Shahar says

    You rock. Please keep safe and well.
    Michele Shahar
    Las Vegas, NV

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