Buy Your Kosher for Passover Honey at Costco

I stopped in at Costco today to get our Pesach meat and cheese. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a mammoth display of clover honey.

Gigantic Costco-sized, 5-lb bottles for only $11.99!

I was so flummuxed. I thought I was seeing things. I actually had to call my friend Susie to chat about it! (She probably thinks I’m insane.)

The tiny little bear bottles go for $8 at a local grocery store. This is eight times the amount of honey – for less than twice the cost.

If you’ve got a Costco membership (or know someone who does), I’d definitely suggest getting your Pesach honey there!


  1. Yea, great deal. We bought it weeks ago 🙂

  2. Ah, yes, there’s that tiny little P. Question: how much honey do you use during Pesach??

    • Oh, definitely not this much. But at this price, it beats most honey I can get that doesn’t have that little P, too!

  3. Sue, honey is one food that never spoils. They actually found honey in ancient Egyptian crypts that was still good (not that I’d actually eat that)! In any case, $12 for 80 oz. of honey is an excellent price even for non-Pesach honey. I bought this deal, will use on bottle for Pesach, sold one bottle to a friend (who was about to buy a 16 oz. KLP bottle for $7) and stockpiled one for next year.

    And Mara, I most certainly do think you’re insane. But it has nothing to do with the phone call.

    • I’d better not ask why it is you DO think I’m nuts, huh?!?

      And thanks for that Egyptian crypts tip. You’re so smart!

  4. I’m tempted to buy this honey, but when I’ve bought honey in a large size before, I’ve had problems with it crystallizing. Something I’m doing wrong?


    • No, honey just naturally crystallizes. You can put it in a bowl of hot water and stir it to get rid of the crystals. You can also prevent crystallization by freezing it (not that honey actually freezes – it just gets thick and sludgy). If you’re buying a big 5-lb jar, divide it into several freezer-proof containers and stick them in the freezer. Then you can pull them out as needed. The honey will return to its normal consistency when you bring it back to room temperature – it takes about half an hour to thaw.

  5. Michelle says

    I’m not sure when they start producing the honey with the O-U P on it but I do know that the previous bottle that I bought a couple of months ago already had on O-U P. So next year I’m definitely going to look for it early so I can spread out the Pesach spending.

  6. the tiny bear ones ma be more expewnsive b/c of a) the packaging and b) it may be a single varietal honey-honey from one type of plant. The honey at costco is not a great quality honey. Good honey has nuance and different flavor-for example, chestnut honey is somewhat bitter and is not sweet. I know this is a budget website but there are better tasting honies out there and sometimes it pays to splurge a little to get a better tasting product you will indeed enjoy more.

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