Seder Plate Checklist

Every year, I spin into a tizzy of nerves before we sit down to our seder: Did I remember everything for the seder plate?!

For anyone else who has similar nerves, I prepared a quick checklist for your seder plate. It’s in printable format, so feel free to click the “Print This Recipe” button (I know, it’s not a recipe!) to print off your checklist!



  1. Don’t forget the salt water and the hard boiled egg (they are the things I tend to forget) 🙂

  2. I’d add that Karpas can be anything that’s ha’adama (including banana, which is popular in both the South African community and in any circles that like to make a point of remembering that bananas are ha’adama). And many hold that other things can substitute for romaine or horseradish, such as escarole/chicory.

  3. Rivka H. says

    This is so helpful! I printed it and put it in my pesach binder.

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