Shop Your Passover Clearance NOW for Savings of 50% or More

passover clearance

I’m hearing reports from many of you around the country — and seeing it at my own grocery stores, as well — that Passover merchandise is being clearance 50% off or more.

If you’ve got a few minutes today, stop in at your local stores and check out their Passover clearance section. I’ve seen 50% off in Kansas City, but readers are seeing 75% and more elsewhere.

The most exciting thing is that a lot of these items aren’t necessarily “Pesadik”. Meaning, I saved 50% on blocks of Miller’s cheese and Kedem grape juice – which I will happily use all year long. (I wonder if our stores just don’t realize this when they mark the “P” products down?)

Here are some of the reports I’m hearing:

Our Whole Foods has everything that is Kosher for Passover at 1/2 price or less. That included large bags of Terra Chips that are specially marked KP (who knew?) for $1.79 (at my store located in a different area than all the other Pesach stuff – but specially designated on an end-cap.) ~ Nancy

I went to Pathmark in Bergenfield, NJ after Shabbos and bought tons of Pesach stuff at 75% off. But it was items like canned tuna and Kedem apple juice, nothing that was so different because it was Pesach. ~ Aaaron

Of course, you should also plan to check back at your store the day AFTER Pesach ends, since that’s when the last bits are clearanced out at truly rock bottom prices.

Last year, I grabbed matzh meal and potato starch for $.50 a cannister, and stored it in my Pesach tubs. I also got pounds of matzah for 2/$1 – and haven’t had to shell out on any money on matzah this year (other than my shmura matzah from Costco).

What great Passover clearance deals have you been spotting? I’d love for you to report in what savings you are seeing at your stores around the country. List the city you’re in, as well as the name of the store you shopped at — that way other readers can benefit from the savings, too!


  1. Macaroons are 50 cents a tin at our Jewel-Osco in Evanston, IL. ($1 minus 50-cent coupon taped to each one.) Any ideas for using them in recipes during the year?

  2. Our local stores have almost nothing left though I check for basics like matzoh meal. I have gotten matzoh in the past but it was stale by the next pesach.

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