Staples School Supply Deals for Week of 8/11/13

Staples Deals for Week of 8/11

The Back-to-School Staples deals this week are looking awesome!

I’ve starred the deals that are at or below my stock-up price. As a reference, here is my back to school price list.

School supply sales tend to be regional, so please check your ad to see if all these prices are valid in your area. And learn more about the Staples Easy Rebate and Rewards programs HERE.

There’s an in-ad $5 off $50 coupon, good this week in-store only at Staples. With all the FREE After Rebate deals, you should have no trouble hitting that!


*Pilot Bottle2Pen Retractable Ballpoint Pens 5 pk. — $5.29
Submit for $5.29 EasyRebate (Limit 1)
= FREE after rebate

*Hammermill Copy Plus Copy Paper 500 sheet ream — $6.99
Use $1 in-ad coupon
Submit for $5.99 EasyRebate (Limit 2)
= FREE after coupon and rebate

*Staples 8.5 x 11″ Pastels Paper 500 sheet ream — $8.99
Use $3 in-ad coupon
Submit for $5.99 EasyRebate (Limit 4)
= FREE after coupon and rebate

*Staples Photo Plus 4×6″ Glossy Paper 60 ct. — $9.99
Use $3 in-ad coupon
Submit for $6.99 EasyRebate (limit 4)
= FREE after coupon and rebate

*Bic Brite Liner Grip Highlighters, 5 pk. — $1
Use $1/1 Bic coupon from the 8/4 SS insert
= FREE after coupon

$0.01 Deals

With $5 minimum in-store purchase. Limit 6.

  • *Staples 1-Subject Spiral Notebook 70 pages
  • *Home Select Pocket Tissue Packet

$.50 Deals

  • *Sharpie Permanent Markers, 2 pk.
  • *Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers, 3 pk.
  • Staples Translucent Pencil Boxes

This is not all the deals, rather the ones I thought were most notable. Be sure to check the ad for deals that your family may need, which aren’t included in this wrap-up.

Staples will price match its competitor’s sale prices, so you can bring in the sales circulars from the newspaper and cut your stops down to just one store. However, you can not price match on store brands – nor on Store Rewards deals. Learn more about the various Store Rewards Programs HERE.

Thanks Passion for Savings.


  1. I can’t get that 5 off $50 to show up. Is the link broken?

    • Mara Strom says

      Sorry, Jessica! I updated, but let me know if it’s still giving you problems. (It’s all in the Staples ad.)

  2. I have a question about the 1cent deals: do you ggetone 1cent deal per $5 purchase?
    or can you get the limit once you have made a $5 purchase? Also, does the limit of 6
    mean 6 per item? Or is it 6 total? I will obviously confirm before purchasing, but im trying to plan
    my trip and can’t figure it out from the circular.

    • FrugalEngineer says

      shifra, the 1c deals are all unlocked by a single $5 purchase. In other words, you can get just the 5.29 FAR pens, get the limit of 6 spirals and 6 tissues, and your total will be 5.29+.12 = 5.41 + tax.

      However, I’ll warn all that at my Staples the FAR pens rang up 4.99. I hadn’t printed the paper coupons yet (printer acting up), so I was just getting the pens and spirals like in my example above. Because the pens rang up 30c cheaper than the ad it wasn’t counted as a $5 purchase, so the spirals were ringing up full price. I asked them to honor their add price but they were unable to raise the price of anything. So I had to get a pack of erasers. Those are the really good erasers, so I’m ok with it, but a warning if you were like me and getting the pens without any of the paper.

      And now I’ve gotten the paper coupons to print, so I can return to Staples and finish the job. Good thing, too. DD can’t find her 7″ scissors from last year and the only things in the stockpile are 5″. Staples has the 7″ Wescott scissors for $2. Not as good as free, but the best offer I can find. She starts in a week, so $2 it is.

  3. If you homeschool then you are eligible for the teacher’s rewards card at Staples. Not only do you get extra points for purchases but you also can get 25 instead of 6 of all the penny items

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