Welcome A Mother in Israel Readers!

Welcome, A Mother in Israel readers!

I was so excited when Hannah at a Mother in Israel asked me to write my second guest post for her about frugal-friendly Chanukah craft ideas. It was fun to share projects from a number of wonderful Jewish bloggers who clearly have it going on in the arts & crafts department! (Check it out here, if you haven’t seen it yet!)

I’m glad you clicked over and look forward to “meeting” you. After living in Israel for a decade, my family moved to America’s heartland two years ago, where, among other things, I was introduced to the wonderful world of coupons and frugal living. It took me all of three seconds to get hooked on this amazing way to save money for my family and to live a more financially responsible life.

Here at Kosher on a Budget, I share what I’ve learned along the way, which means you can expect to see a lot of posts about using coupons, shopping sales, monthly menu planning and stocking up on household and grocery staples when you can buy them for free (or nearly free).

You may also want to check out my popular Jewish Dave Ramsey series, where I share our personal Get-Out-of-Debt story.

And finally, I would love it if you would join me for my weekly Kosher on a Budget recipe exchange. Each week has a different theme and this past Friday, I shared one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Once again, I’m glad you found me and I hope you’ll stick around!

~ Mara


  1. Hi Mara, I’m so glad I found you via MII! I’d pretty much given up on standard budgeting tips because they all seem to rely on stuff I don’t buy – in addition to kashrut, I also try to buy organic whenever I can and I’m especially insistent on ethically-sourced meat. It’s wonderful to see so many tips I can use! Great recipes and menu ideas too.

    • I’m so glad you found me, too, Bookish! Looking forward to getting to know you here. I don’t know if you consider them ethically sourced, but we feel really good about our Golden West Glatt orders. Grass fed, free range, no hormones. Not organic certified, but those three are really important to me.

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