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The 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Shop This Black Friday

Let’s push pause for a minute, okay? Black Friday is just a few days away! Every other post you will read today is going to be filled with deals. Great deals. In many cases, the best deals I’ve seen on a particular item in a year or … [Read more...]

How I Save My Money with Sink Funds

Since moving to Cleveland, we've had to set up some new banking routines. We opened an account with a local bank here for our personal and business needs (shout out to Huntington -- they've been fabulously to work with*). Opening those new … [Read more...]

Earn $125 Bonus When You Open a Capitol One 360 Checking Account

EXPIRED! This is one of my very favorite "deals" of the year. Because this one isn't just about saving money. It's about MAKING money. Through tomorrow, December 2, Capital One 360 is offering you a $125 bonus when you open an online … [Read more...]

FREE 10-Day E-Course on Personal Finance

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Reader Q&A: 6 Steps for Getting Through the Tough Times

I get many questions like this one from "Jenny" (she asked that I not use her real name)  and I always feel a bit funny answering them. While I want to give all of you encouragement to live your best financial lives, no matter where in that financial … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Budgeting, Part 4: Personal History

I suspect that most of us who struggle with financial discipline come by it honestly. (I apologize in advance to my parents, who - bless their hearts - read this blog. But I can't do this series without transparency, so here goes...) I grew up … [Read more...]